Experiencing Traffic Decline? Don’t Assume Algorithm Update Responsible

Algorithm Update
Algorithm Update

We can’t ignore the fact that when our website experiences a sudden drop in traffic or visibility, most of us start blaming the Google algorithm update as the main reason.

But, have you ever thought that your assumption is truly right? Or there are some other reasons that cause a decrease in website traffic over time? We need to think over it again in order to find the exact issue.

Here are a few factors other than Google algorithm update that can be responsible for your worry regarding your website’s search traffic.

Is Your Website Mobile-friendly?

As per the latest optimization strategy, every website must be mobile-friendly. Have you ever considered why it is so? These days, mobile users have been increased to such an extent that they prefer searching for the desired information on their mobile devices only, instead of going through their PCs, laptops, etc. So, it is very obvious that if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will surely lose the amount of traffic.

You will also observe a great fall in your search engine visibility. Therefore, to give your visitors a better mobile experience, you must make your website mobile-friendly if it is not so. You can take the help of the best SEO Agency in Brisbane offering designing services for an SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly website.

Have You Reviewed Your Website’s Historical Data?

In the race of gaining top position ahead of their competitors, most of the website owners/marketers usually forget to review their historical data. Reviewing historical data helps in determining those keywords and Webpages that were responsible for taking your website on Google’s first page. You will find out the reasons for the sudden fall in ranking. These include old content, any technical fault, missing social media campaigns, etc. 

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You will also get to know about the loss of quality links from the relevant and quality websites. It can also be one of the reasons for facing a drop in search traffic.

Do You Know Changes in Search Landscape Can Hinder Search Measurement?

You must also consider the changes made by Google in the search landscape. If you have ever noticed, you will find significant changes in Google’s SERPs in these years. It can cause a great impact on the search measurement, online visibility, and traffic of the websites.

When mobile users make certain search queries, they can see three paid search ads on their devices. Google has recently started displaying such ads. Obviously, it results in turning down the traffic and revenue of the website. 

Have You Done Google Analytics Accurately?

Due to the lack of accurate knowledge of using Google analytics, many website owners/marketers usually make the mistake of configuring their analytics account inaccurately. Sometimes, they forget to add the tracking code into their newly developed page templates.

If you really want to gain the benefits of an optimized site, you must include a tracking code on each page of your website. It helps the search engines to track your pages and enhances the traffic. SEO Agency in Brisbane can help you effectively in this regard.

Are You Still Accessing Last Year’s Marketing Campaigns?

If your website marketer is using other marketing methods from year over year and this year they are not done. Obviously, you will observe a decrease in query volume and hence the traffic as compared to the previous years. They can be paid search, trade shows, TV, promotional items, banners, etc. They work effectively in making your potential customers able to learn about your offered products, services, and discounts.

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No matter what type of marketing methods you are using for your website, but all of them serve an important role in improving the traffic from organic search. 

Have You Informed Your Marketer About The Changes Made to a Website?

It is good to update your website at a regular interval of time. But, are you sure that you have informed your marketer about these changes? If no, then how he/she will help you in making your website SEO-friendly?

Just making changes in design and coding is not enough. Several other things need to be considered as per the SEO point of view. If your website’s Meta-tags, page headers, content, URL structures, page indexing, etc. are not done properly, the chances of losing a large amount of traffic increase to great extent.

Does Your Website Have Quality, Unique, and Informative Content?

It is true that quality, unique, engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content plays a great role in improving search visibility. You must check whether your content is satisfying all these needs or not. Just creating content at the time of the website’s launching is not a good idea. It must be regularly updated as the visitors always look for fresh content.

Do you have an idea that if your visitors are not showing interest in reading your content, then how can you expect it from Google? The best way is to take the guidance of the SEO Agency in Brisbane for creating effective and SEO-friendly content for your website.

Final Words

If you are missing any of the above points, you cannot blame Google algorithm updates for the decline in traffic. To regain the traffic, you are advised to follow best practices and keep these points in mind whenever experiencing anything unusual with your website’s search traffic.

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