What Makes Search Intent Integral to Digital Marketing Success?


Australia has around 21.74 million internet users. Every Australian user who uses a search engine has a topic or question in mind. Search intent refers to the reason the user searches. The page should have valuable information and match the search intent. Here are the different types of search intent in SEO. 

Types of Search Intent 

Experts at a digital marketing company in Australia focus on four types of search intent.

  • Informational– the basis of this search is to seek information on a subject. 
  • Navigational– the search is targeted to finding a particular website or page. For example, people may type the name of the brand along with the product. 
  • Transactional– the search intent is buying a product or service. 
  • Commercial- this is a mix of informational and transactional search intent. For example, people looking for guides to use a certain product.

Now that you know the types of search intent, this article further discusses what makes search intent integral to digital marketing success. 

Fulfil Users Needs Better

When the content matches the search intent, you fulfil the user’s needs better. Australia has a $1.3 billion nursery industry. Australians are fond of plants, and many users search for plant-related information online. 

Consider someone in Australia searching for information like “how to care for Sydney rock orchid?” If you own a shop selling Sydney rock orchid, it could be an excellent opportunity to connect with the users. You could create content that presents the user information about how to care for Sydney rock orchid.

If the content is focused on different types of indoor palm plants you can buy, it does not meet the search intent or fulfil the user’s needs. If your website offered information on how to care for indoor palm plants, the user could visit your website and get the desired information. 

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In this case, the content matches the query, and your website could rank higher for such questions. The interaction with the users might also lead to someone ordering indoor palm plants from your site. When your content fulfils user’s needs, it drives traffic to your website that might even offer you some relevant leads. 

Directs Leads to One Source

According to a digital marketing company in Australia, search intent plays a vital role in retaining leads. If the content fulfils user’s needs, he/she is less likely to visit another website for the information. They remain on your website and engage with content on different pages. 

This increases the user’s time on your website, which is a positive signal for the search engine. If people find relevant information on your website and they are satisfied with the content, Google will boost your website rankings for particular keywords that will lead more people to your website looking for similar information. 

Search intent not only improves SEO but also helps you obtain relevant leads in the process. This way, you will earn more leads that will increase conversions. Thus, search intent can help your business grow. 

Helps Position You As an Authority 

Page authority is vital in SEO. If your page has a low authority for the target keyword, your website is less likely to achieve better and higher rankings on the search engines. Providing relevant information to the user and meeting the user’s needs establishes you as an authority. It only means you have in-depth knowledge about your business, and you know how to answer different questions related to your business niche.

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Building authority in your niche means more people will visit your website. They trust your site for the information it provides. It improves SEO and presents you as an expert who is trusted by people on the subject. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Online shopping is popular in Australia. Sydney ranks first in online shopping. If you own a department store in Sydney, it is necessary people know about the local marketplace from where they can order items online. Besides listing items, your website also needs to have a blog offering interesting information about products listed on your website. 

Content plays an essential role in driving traffic to your website and achieving a higher ranking on the search results page. A sure way to make a higher search engine ranking is to offer information that meets the user’s search intent for the keywords that you target. 

When people spend time on your website, they get to know more about your brand. They will become familiar with the products and services you offer. In case they need any similar products or services, they will visit your website for the same. This will improve conversions because they know your brand well due to earlier visits. 

Your content must fit in terms of keywords used by people for searching and your audience’s search intent. You need to make sure the content provides information to people searching for it and leads people to the sales pages who are searching for products.