Google Local Marketing the RIGHT Way


Unfortunately, many businesses are doing it wrong (so are many SEO Agencies). Check out the video below for a better understanding of what it takes to get found on Google’s local search.

TIP: The super simple formula for ranking in Google Local is –> Do more than what your competitors are doing.
I want to walk you through local search & optimization & what’s actually working into days market so were noticing company like sold a lot of packages to local customers & local businesses they optimizing just for Superpages and they may have dibble & dubble some of the important sites but for the most important knowledge in search optimization at the local level. So what we do is we create a variety of sites & we do a lot of them. Sites like blogs, video sites, docs sharing sites, image sites and they all congruent with all your local listing, your google listing, its extremely important meaning the name, address & phone number even the website must be congruent with the targeted keywords. So we go to your website & we make sure you got one dedicated page strickly for the local search meaning it is congruent with your local listing, your google local listing.

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Then we go and either create or optimize if they are already created your local citation. Local citation is basically local directories. Sites like,, judysbook. there’s a lot of them & we make sure they are 100% match to your google local listing that’s extremely important. Then it’s time to focus on reviews, you need a minimum of 10 reviews on your google local listing to earn what they called zagat rating. 10 is the magic number & lastly, you have to outrun your competition, we got software, we track what’s going on your targeted keywords & in your business, your business listing. To see who rank #1 & what are they doing, as long as you are doing more that they are, you are going to outrank them & one quick thing also I want to mention, must have a physical location in targeted area that you actually want to rank. so if you are trying to rank or something were you don’t in a local search, if you are trying to rank or something a keyword & you don’t physically reside or you don’t have a physical present in there its going to be difficult to actually rank in the local seo. now I’m going to take you behind the scene & put this in a big map that you can walk through so you can get a better understanding of what we do for local seo.

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Here’s the behind the scene peek of what we do with our local marketing package to promote your business in google local search. so let start right in. start with google local listing, your google local listing. what we do with our package is that we either claim if its hasn’t been claim or we begin to optimize the listing & we do that making sure the keyword match the target market. we use images and we actually build images in that keyword into the images. video, again the keywords are embedded, we make sure that the category is setup properly and properly optimize & we do complete keyword optimization on the listing. there’s a couple of tricks of the trade that we actually quick your keyword on target keyword into the listing in a very solemnly manner. then what we do is we build out your google plus profile. this is absolutely huge in 2013 & there’s also something called google authorship. It’s too much scope for this video but its very, very important you have this so we build out google plus & then we build out a local pages on the website, specific website & we make sure its congruent with your google local listing. you are going to hear me talk a lot about congruency because that’s really the key to your local marketing getting rank. all the sites & all the content that we put together must be congruent for your target keyword. so you need a specific page on your website that nears your actual google local listings. next citation, citation is nothing more than a directory submission to local directories such as, citysearch, yellowpages there’s a tone of them. now the trick of doing it. it’s citation must match your google local listing 100% in the name, address & phone number & even the keywords must match the google local listing or you have a hard time ranking. we start with 30 sites and we go from them which is probably 200 sites that you can submit to. but the amount of sites that we submit to are directly proportional to your competition & we have a way of spying of what they doing so will be able to see how many sites your competition are listed on and we go from there. the last part of citation is building and establishing your review profiles same things is google plus. these are actually setting up profiles for customer to leave reviews. Ideally, you want to start building a 5 stars reputation and having your customers submit reviews to this sites. again it’s a little bit much for this particular video demonstration but you are really setting the table for a massive reviews distribution channels on to the next one. actually there’s one part I left out has to deal with reviews. I was talking about setting up citation for customer to leave reviews but on your google listing. if you really want to target 10 reviews that’s kind of a magic number . its going to help you optimize in search and its also going to issue you a called zagat rating and the zagat rating is nothing more than an establish number that google was set base on the reviews that you see. If you have questions on that please let me know but the magic number is you want 10 reviews on your site, on your google local listing.

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The next phase is we start building local blogs, what I mean by that is actually we create series of blogs in wordpress, tumbler, blogspot,, identical, blog, bloggers, weebly, yulesites and webknows and we may also use those depending, anything that’s come that maybe new that may benefit you. we build this blog to submit content too and we make sure its congruent to your google local page. so the keyword, categories, name, address, and phone number are all match with your google local page. so we building variety on your actual website that your business located on. next video channels. video ranks very, very well with google and what we do is we build channels on youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and and it’s a same concept we build them congruent with your target keywords, name address and phone number. so okay now we get even more variety. next is social media, extremely important and it’s a same concept. we are going to build a social media channel on facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin all congruent with your google local page. so we may actually creating another facebook page strictly content distribution that really has no intentions being seen by the public. Its just basically the juice of google local page. next we build out important image sites. these are sites like,, imageshock, picasa, dotphoto, imber, shutterfly and again all congruent with your google local page and the last is the PDF/Slideshow sites. these are sites likes, duckstock, slide, author, google docs, once again all are congruent with your google local page. so here’s what going to look like by the time we are done creating this sites. what we have done is we created massive content network that we distributed content through that all point back to your google local page and we link them together actually. your facebook page link to your blogs, your blogs will have a link to your image sites and your iamge will be embedded on your blogs so it’s a massive content sites that all revolve around your target keywords and your google local listing page so this actually a very strong long term strategy that will boost not only your google local listing but you will get found in google and for a lot of other sites that we build in specially the local blogs and of course they are all link to your website as well to promote your website. so that is the overview in blueprint of what we do within our local marketing package is extremely effective and it’s a lot more that what you can get with were they only optimizing you for so you can see a tone of variety at the end of the day you will have over 70 new website that your business is located on the local market. If you have any question I’m just a phone call or email away. Thank you.

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