More Need-To-Know Facts And Myths About Sildenafil And ED


It’s time for another list of need-to-knows about Sildenafil and erectile dysfunction, which are scientifically substantiated. Instead of sifting through random ED and Viagra blogs online, rely on sources that are backed by licensed telemedicine websites and/ or medical practitioners. 

As you shop for Sildenafil and read through this post, understand the implications of erectile dysfunction, along with what Sildenafil can and cannot do.

1. Sildenafil = Erections For Long Hours 

Unlike what a vast number of the male population believe with regards to Sildenafil, this erectile dysfunction medication will not cause the penis to stay stiff for hours on end. That’s something portrayed in a number of gags and memes. But in reality, they just don’t, and won’t work that way. 

According to studies, the effects of Viagra tend to last for at least two to three hours after taking it. Now, it’s important to note that this will also highly depend on your body’s rate of metabolism, your diet and lifestyle, and any medication you may be taking concurrently. On the other hand, a few have could still experience its lingering effect four hours after ingestion. 

Be that as it may, the “effects” of Sildenafil being described here has to do with how long it takes before it’s fully eliminated from your system. Its capacity to linger in the body for three hours does not change the fact that after ejaculation, the penis will return to its unstiffened form. 

An erection, ejaculation, and orgasm will continue to function “normally”. Once ejaculate is released and orgasm is achieved, the penis will lose its erection accordingly.


2. More Tablets Taken Means A Bigger Phallus 

This is an outright myth. Please do NOT take more than the required dosage because of the fallacy that the higher the dosage you take, the girthier and lengthier the penis will become. There is absolutely no correlation between how much Sildenafil you consume and penis size

3.More Tablets Means A Longer Erection Period 

There’s a line to be drawn here. The recommended dosage is usually capped at 100mg. Before you hop on the 100-train, we should point out that even the dosage itself is to be monitored by your physician according to the phase you’re on, in terms of taking Sildenafil. 

Assuming that your erectile dysfunction has no link to any health condition and ensues primarily whenever you’re feeling stressed, it’s not uncommon for starters to be prescribed 25mg to 50mg of Sildenafil. 

An mg-increase usually takes place when, during the said first phase, the minimum has little to no effect on treating ED. When you do start seeing effects once you’ve switched to 100mg, it’s possible for your medical physician to have you slowly go back to lower doses. 

At variance, there have been claims of non-responders to Sildenafil who’ve said that they have had to up their intake to 200mg. We’ll say it blatantly— that is far beyond what’s recommended. And many of those who’ve tried taking anything above 100mg almost immediately witnessed abnormal side effects. Side effects that didn’t subside as quickly as they arose, unfortunately.

Remember that the body can only take so much Sildenafil within a span of 24 hours because it can metabolize so little of this ED medication. Overdosing could lead to tissue damage in the penis. Or worse, priapism may occur. Priapism is an excruciating erection that won’t subside for hours. The bottom line? Stick to the recommended dosage. 

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