Top 7 Creators with Videos with the most Views on Facebook


It is the truth that users want to watch content in video format. It’s easy to watch and entertaining, while its engagement rate is the highest of all other types of content. So, if you have a Facebook page, this should be your priority. Good video content will bring you many new followers. Just make sure to buy Facebook video views so that your videos get discovered. 

In this list, you will find out which creators have the videos with the most views on Facebook. Their content will inspire you to post equally great videos.

#1 LADbible

Video Views: 3 billion

There is no denying that LADbible’s content dominates Facebook videos. Every post they create becomes viral, thus making them surpass 3 billion views. Their videos focus on showcasing interesting stories that pique the interest of the viewers, who keep asking for more. LADbible have optimized their videos for Facebook, as you can watch them even with no sound.


Video Views: 1.5 billion

UNILAD is owned by LADbile and this becomes apparent by their videos. The content follows the same pattern, and they are just as successful. The interesting stories that they depict enable the viewers to witness unique things. 

#3 Taste Life

Video Views: 1.5 billion

Taste Life’s content combines two of the most popular niches: traveling and cooking. In these videos, users can see recipes from all around the world. They are presented in a simple and quick only-hands way that is easy to go viral. When creating your content, try to use these videos as inspiration. After you’ve uploaded them, buy Facebook video views to boost them. 

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#4 Tasty

Video Views: 1.3 billion

Tasty is one of the most followed pages on Facebook. So, it comes to no surprise that its videos have gathered over 1.3 billion views. This is also a Facebook channel that focuses on quick videos that show creative recipes. On the background, you can hear some upbeat music, even though they are optimized for watching on mute as well.

#5 5-Minute Crafts

Video Views: 1.1 billion

DIY and how-to videos are very popular among Facebook users. This is partly because of 5-Minute Crafts. When they had first established their page, their videos brought a revolution. It shows an easy solution to everyday problems and creative uses of everyday things. 


Video Views: 1.0 billion

VTRND is a Facebook page that focuses on uploading satisfying videos. Additionally, it posts video challenges and other inspiring stories. Their content resonates with many users, thus making it one of the most successful pages. 

#7 Beauty Studio

Video Views: 890 million

This popular Facebook page features makeup tutorials and tricks. However, its makeup tutorials are extremely unconventional and bold. If you have a beauty page, the videos of Beauty Studio is a great inspiration.

As you see by these numbers, video content has great potential on Facebook. You should always aim on creating the best content possible. Then, buy Facebook video views to give a head start to your page.