How to use Pikdo | Top benefits of using Pikdo

benefits of using Pikdo
benefits of using Pikdo

If you are looking for some innovative ideas on how to use Pikdo (also known as leighnk pikdo) to promote your business then you have come to the right place.

Instagram has emerged as one of the biggest social networking sites, which is gaining rapid popularity among youngsters.

Instagram has been launched in the year 2021 and it gained tremendous popularity within a very short period. It was initially used to share pictures but now it has emerged as a platform where businesses can promote their products effectively.

What is Pikdo?

An Instagram viewer allows you to see which of your Instagram followers have looked at your profile, which of your followers are following you, as well as how many users have seen your profile, and the number of people who follow you.

These apps allow you to browse Instagram accounts of other users without logging in.

While several websites notify you about Instagram notifications, Pikdo is the best for tracking your usage statistics, famous posts, and followers.

Even if they don’t allow you to access Instagram account details without being marked, these viewers are considered normal viewers. recommends that you be aware of scams that present themselves as means to enter private accounts.

The following paragraphs will highlight some of the key aspects of how to use Pikdo to promote your business.

Key elements on how to use it!

It is important to choose the right Instagram picture. One of the major advantages of using this social media site is that it allows you to upload pictures that can be easily shared by your target audience.

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Instagram has 1.7 billion monthly active users where 90% of the Instagram followers usually follow at least 1 company account.

You can get an insight into the popularity of the unadulterated market with the help of these figures. A good way to promote your products effectively is to create a page on Instagram.

If you are an internet marketing beginner then you can learn the basic steps on how to use Pikdo to build up your brand and reach out to the audience.

· It has several features for Instagram

Instagram has several amazing features like sharing, likes, and comments. You can also use very popular hashtags and the search engine will automatically suggest a list of relevant hashtags for you.

You can use these keywords to promote your product and you should make sure that you use them in your Instagram account.

You should remember that using hashtags will help you keep track of your followers and also ensure that they are capable of following you.

·  It can track the number of peoples following you

You can use Pikdo to track the number of people following you on the web browser. You can check the number of people who are following your Instagram account by running the web browser version of Instagram.

features for Instagram
features for Instagram

You will get comprehensive detail about your audience by running the web browser version of Instagram. Various features are available on the Instagram web browser such as Explore, History, and Search that is used for finding out about the target audience.

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· It can help in multiple ways

If you are wondering how to use Pikdo to promote your company without letting others in on the secret then you have to know that there are two ways on how to do so.

The first way is to use the search engine to search for your keywords and then inserting the keyword in the Instagram search box. The second way is to use the web browser version of Instagram.

You can add keywords in the web browser to find out your audience. However, if you want to be anonymous on the social media platform then using the Instagram search box will not allow you to be anonymous because people will know that you are logged on to the Instagram account.

·       It can be used to see private accounts

Many of the peoples use the Pikdo for viewing the private accounts that are paid to follow. For example, if you want to see gaming tricks like Fortnite patch notes 11.01 then you can easily follow the private gamers’ accounts using Pikdo without paying for it.


Since people will see that you are logged on to the account then they will not trust you. To avoid this, you can use the two hashtags.

The first hashtag will be on your page and the second one will be added to the URL of your page. All the followers will have to do is click the link and they will go to your site and follow the link pointing to your Instagram account.

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