Real Instagram Followers VS Bots: Which is Better?

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

There are different ways you can increase your growth on Instagram. You can do it by yourself, although this may take a long time, or you can do it by availing of Instagram growth service like Kicksta, Upleap, ot Growthoid. There are three types that provide these services: bot or automation-driven, traditional agencies that provide marketing services as a whole and do not specialize on Instagram, or through a niche service-based model. You can get different results from these types of Instagram growth services: real followers or bots. There is a lot of controversy between the two and we’ll get a look at which is better:

Instagram bots

Instagram bots are one of the ways in which an account can acquire followers. These bots follow other accounts for you, like and comment on posts so you can increase post reach and engage with potential customers and other companies.

The problem with bots is that:

  • Bots are not Instagram compliant. They violate the rules implemented by Instagram, and anyone who is detected to use a bot can be banned.
  • If not banned, shadowbanning can be what Instagram does to your account. Shadowbanning pertains to when Instagram hides your posts from non-followers even when you use hashtags.
  • Their comments are automated and cannot decipher if the post is not what it is. Bots base their comments on specific hashtags. Additionally, bots are easy to identify. People will know immediately whether you’re using bots.
  • Also, your company or brand will not have real engagements with its customers since the bots will do that job.
  • More so, as bots follow thousands of accounts, the algorithm of what normally appears in your feed will be messed up.
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Real Instagram Followers

Unlike Instagram bots, you can achieve real results with an Instagram growth service that provides real followers.

  • Although this may cost more than the bots, this type of service does not pose any risk to your account.
  • It organically increases your followers through AI-powered automation and human experts that manage your Instagram growth.
  • It targets audiences that are relevant to your account, have an interest in your content or product and are more likely to end up purchasing your product or following your account.
  • Real engagements happen and customer-relationships are built and made stronger.
  • These real followers can give you the feedback you can work on, and on the other hand, they can also advertise for you through their own posts and stories about your products
  • When they see your content, they can refer it to their friends in real conversations offline.

Increasing your Instagram following is very important for a business that wants to penetrate and thrive in the market. There are different kinds of benefits you can gain from Instagram, social media growth, strong customer relationships, higher profitability, and more. Thus, you have to make sure you make the right choice for your business profile. You don’t want it to offend others’ feelings with inappropriate automated comments, or be banned from Instagram for violating their policies. If this happens, your business account will lose all its credibility.