Popular TikTok trends to follow in 2021

TikTok trends
TikTok trends

If you are a novice Tik Tok user or already have experience with it, but run out of ideas / do not know what to shoot, then you are at the right place. Today we’ll talk about trends and ideas for tiktok that will help you easily get into the TOP and gain a bunch of likes.

The trends in the article are categorized so that the owners of different thematic accounts on TikTok can find ideas for inspiration and create the coolest content in their niche. Go!

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Clothes related trends

The simplest props you need to create top videos is your wardrobe. Below are some ideas for creating a video on how to get to the TOP using different elements of clothing.

1. Mask and hood

A man puts on a sweater with a hood backwards, and pulls on a funny unusual mask over his head and hides it under the hood. From the outside, it looks like the hero hides his face in this way. The second participant of the video, seeing such a picture, takes off his hood in confusion and is frightened / surprised by the man in the mask.

2. Change of clothes

A man and a woman usually take part in such a video. One of the heroes shoots a video on the phone in the reflection of the mirror. At a click, they change images: a man appears in a woman’s guise, and a girl in a man’s. Now similar stories appear in new interpretations. For example, with the participation of grandmother and granddaughter, dad and son.

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3. Dressing up on click

One of the most popular trends since the inception of Tik Tok. The bottom line is that a person’s images change with a click or with each jump / movement. But the location and position of the hero remain unchanged. This trend is perfect for showcasing new clothes in online stores.

4. Before / after

This trend is a mix of the previous two. At the beginning of the video, a man in home clothes appears before the viewer, and upon clicking his image changes into a glamorous and stylish outfit.

5. Object on the head

The idea is that an object is put on the head of one of the participants in the video without his knowledge: a hat, a bucket, a bag, etc. The explosive effect of such videos is obtained due to the unpredictable reactions of people after removing an unidentified object from their heads.

6. Pillow Challenge

The idea came into vogue during the period of self-isolation, when all office suits were replaced by pajamas and home sets. The heroes of the videos fantasize about what their wardrobe would look like, consisting only of pillows, rugs and blankets.

Experiments with your appearance 

The beauty industry is popular on all social networks, and TikTok is no exception. Let’s see what manipulations with the face and hair will help you become popular in this social network.

1. Shaving eyebrows

Bold, but promising for getting likes. But seriously, you don’t have to shave off your eyebrows to create such a video. Use editing or just don’t show the result “after”, as the guy in the video below did.

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2. Haircuts

It is the hairdressing process that is gaining popularity, demonstrating the stages of creating a new unusual hairstyle. Saying goodbye to hair is also not worth it here, it is better to use a wig and create bold images without harming your own appearance.