Social Media Strategy During COVID-19 – Buy Followers on Instagram and Other Crucial Tips


We are currently living through a challenging time! The pandemic has made it difficult for people and businesses to thrive. Adhering to social distancing rules and other safety protocols, the number of people attending offices and allowed on malls and other public places are less. It will take time to return to what we knew as normal. As we are all enhancing our physical and mental immunity to live with this virus, it becomes essential to manage your business health. 

Having a correct and smart social media strategy is crucial during this time. It’s because brands and business houses are communicating with a massive audience through Instagram more than in real-time. And chances are there that there’s a drop in the follower count. Brands need to make ways to increase follower count and use smart social media business promotion tactics.

Why is it essential to buy followers on Instagram during COVID-19? 

Let’s count on statistics to explain this point! March 2020 highlights increased activities on Instagram. More people, buyers, and online users have been using this social media platform and app to divert their focus from pandemic news to something pleasant. The images and creative posts on Instagram help people to stay positive. People are searching for profiles that can provide them with inspiring and informative content during this testing time. When you have more followers, it’s easy to spot you on social media. Hence, if you need a boost in the follower count, you can buy followers on Instagram by joining hands with specialized service providers

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That is not all! The marketers are also restricting their expenditure in specific areas, comprising of social media and baring others. However, social media engagement is essential for brand visibility and customer engagement. Most people are switching to Instagram for content of all kinds. Hence, when you have more followers viewing your unique content, you can have increased social sharing. It’s the best word of mouth publicity during such testing times.

These facts highlight the reasons for which marketers should invest their time, energy, and effort Instagram to develop relationships with existing and new customers and followers. It will help them to leverage Instagram’s brand promotion capacity in the best possible way and hugely gain online visibility

How to use Instagram during COVID-19?

Marketers and business owners need to realize the social scenario before they devise a social media strategy. Impacted by the pandemic, people today are nervous and carry palpable energy. Catering to this audience is challenging and needs smart thinking. Once you have had the Instagram follower boost, you can resort to the following Instagram tactics:

  • Share the way your brand is coping with the pandemic

Nothing makes a follower or customer feel more supported during this time than knowing how others are coping up. Is yours a small business venture? Are you a start-up business owner? If yes, then you should share the way you are coping up with the pandemic. You can post updates and address the following common queries:

  • How are you sanitizing your office or business set-up?
  • How frequently are you sanitizing the place?
  • How are you managing your staff availability?
  • When are you becoming functional?
  • Did you witness any significant business loss because of COVID-19?
  • Are customers safe if they purchase products from your brand?
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These are a few relevant questions that you need to address with valid inputs. Use related pictures to support your posts as well. It will help your brand to become more authentic and credible.

  • Share and emphasize safety protocols

Right now, brands can’t survive by focusing only on themselves! It is necessary to think for others as well. That’s why you need to stay updated with current pandemic safety updates from WHO or other reliable sources and update your customers. Use Instagram posts and IGTV to share the sanitation protocols that customers need to follow when visiting your business store. Emphasize the need for social distancing as well. It will make your followers and probable customers feel that your brandhas a voice and you use it during such relevant matters.

  • Make good posts

Instagram got conceptualized to share images! An excellent picture can transport a person or client to a new world. It is precisely what is essential today. People need to let go of their stress and concentrate on positive thoughts and videos. Make sure that you customize your posts and share exciting content. You can talk about recoveries, natural ways to boost immunity, the probable time when the pandemic might start to cease, and the like. It will help the customers to tap onto a positive mindset and feel better.

These are a few ways you can utilize Instagram as you are coping up with COVID-19. It will help you to enhance your brand awareness campaign. Furthermore, it gives your brand the necessary character and persona that is essential for business success.

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