Tips To Improving Data Management at Your Auto Repair Shop

Data Management
Data Management

If you run an auto repair shop, you likely know that the difference between success and failure can often be how organized you are. Data can play a big role in helping you make the right decisions for your business. However, trying to manage your data and your company at the same time can be challenging. The following tips will help you keep your business metrics more organized and focused.

Capture Point of Sale Data

Your automotive point of sale system is a great opportunity to capture and organize data. It is a font of useful information such as sales figures, customer information, inventory and more. If you are using a modern POS system, you are likely already capturing a lot of the data you need to run your business.

Better yet, since this is all happening without any additional work, you have instant access to some of your most important metrics. Plus, you can often capture more data that you need, allowing for deep dives later on.

Ask Customers Questions

A lot of businesses neglect the most valuable source of customer information: your customers themselves. Simply asking about how they found you can be a great way to learn more. This is something you can do when you are taking payment. It is also something you can automatically figure out using promotions (have a special discount for your email channel, for example).

Additionally, you can use your POS system to associate sales with specific customers. This is a good way to determine the lifetime value of each customer.

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Associate Inventory With Sales

If you are using a great point of sale system such as Clover POS, you can also track your inventory. You can enter how many quarts of oil you used for a specific job, for example. This will then automatically update your inventory information.

By associating your parts and supplies usage with sales, you can quickly learn about the return on investment. This may sound very simple. However, a lot of business owners fail to gather this highly relevant information.

Create Automated Reports

Finally, you can make all the above work for you more smoothly by creating automated reports. This can give you an immediate peek into how well your business is running. One of the challenges of managing an auto repair shop is that you don’t always have time to sit down and run the numbers. However, if you have them set up to run themselves, you can quickly see which services are winners, for example.

This will help you keep a constant finger on the pulse of your business. It is easy when you have a great POS system.

Get Started

Find the right POS system for your business and start optimizing your data collection. Consider which hardware is right for you. For example, you may look for a Clover Flex for sale. This could let you take payments from your customers without needing them to come to a register. Also, make sure you have the right software. ShopController is a great way to keep your data organized.