The Perfect Power Adapter to use for Your Industry

The Perfect Power Adapter to use for Your Industry
The Perfect Power Adapter to use for Your Industry

A power adapter is the unsung hero in any company, providing a safe and convenient charging device and voltage adapter for portable battery run devices from lap-top to label printers.  

Although the 12V power adapter is the most common, each industry needs to make sure that they are well equipped with chargers for each of their DC devices to make sure their business runs smoothly. You can get a range of power adapters from any reputable distributor, for example, RS Components


Devices that need to communicate with other pieces of equipment require a power adaptor to keep them powered up, with the 12V DC Power Supply used most frequently for such devices as modems, printers, security cameras and label printers.  Telephones that operate from a base set will also use a 12V DC adaptor.  

Information Technology

Most portable IT equipment requires a power adaptor to keep the DC battery charged, with the 12V AC/DC Power supply the most common. Laptops will recharge and run on this type of adaptor while a USB power charges the battery of smart phones and tablets.

A PC is installed with a Power Supply that produces a variety of voltage outputs as required. The power is adapted from the 240V AC input and converted to DC, powering for example, a 12V processor, the 12V fan, the 5v hard-drive, and a 12V CDRom.

Retail and Warehousing

The EFTPOS machine and bar code scanner are so widely used in retail that a power outage literally closes a business down.  EFTPOS machines come in a variety of designs, each with their own power requirements.  Some use a PC power adaptor others require a 24v supply. 

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A common device used in both retail, warehousing and stores is the bar code scanner, which helps companies keep track of goods coming in and going out, and allows businesses to restock in a timely manner.  Portable bar code scanners need their own 6V power supply.

Condition Monitoring 

In many industries, vibration or condition monitoring is carried out on a regular basis to check that engines and machinery are operating smoothly, and to avoid failure.  Condition monitoring devices used to read the scanners installed in the machines need to be charged in between uses.  Often condition monitoring is carried out on pumps in remote locations and the last thing a monitor needs is a dead reader when he is kilometres away from the nearest power point. 


The fitness industry is an area that utilizes technology to optimise their client’s fitness levels and achieve health goals.  Many personal trainers encourage their clients to use wearable devices that measure heart rate or calories burned or listen to music or podcasts during exercise to help motivate them. Wireless headphones, and fitness recorders are most commonly charged with a USB chargers which are labelled according to voltage. 

To ensure a smooth and steady power supply, make sure you have the required power adapters for all the devices pertinent to the operation. Talk to an expert for more information on the power supplies you need for your business.