Puffy Vs. Purple Mattress: Which One Should You Choose If You Are Pregnant?


Pregnant women need to have proper rest and good sleep. Many expecting mothers are suggested complete bed rest citing complications. In such a scenario, you must be using the right type of mattress. 

What type of mattress should you use in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the whole body transforms. Frequent urination, restless leg syndrome, acidity, and insomnia haunt almost every expecting mother. Accordingly, the mattress needs to have the following features:

  1. Firmness: The pregnant mother needs rest 24X7. They need to take a nap, short rests, and sometimes the right support if heartburn bothers them. Additionally, they need to get up rather frequently for urination. So, a medium-firm mattress provides them with support for resting and getting up as well. If they opt to have a super plush bed or waterbed, it is going to be very tough to get up. A hard bed will not provide enough comfort.
  2. Ventilation: Pregnant women have elevated body temperature. They sweat a lot. So, the mattress needs to have a well-ventilated surface. It will keep the bed surface cool. Pregnant women will feel relaxed.
  3. Memory foam: Doctors advise pregnant women to sleep on their sides. So, a foam mattress is the best choice here. Mattress with spring coil is not comfortable for pregnant women.
  4. Thickness: Pregnancy means frequent urination. A thick mattress will mean difficulty in getting into it. So, always go for medium thick mattress.
  5. Motion transfer: Pregnant women move a lot in bed. Be it for changing sides or getting up for the toilet, this can interrupt the partner’s sleep. So, it is better to opt for mattresses with motion transfer.
  6. Toxin-free and allergen-free: Pregnancy is a sensitive period. You should not be exposed to toxins and allergens. The best way is to opt for CertiPur-US certified mattresses.
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Puffy vs. Purple: Which one should you choose in pregnancy?

We have already 6 determining factors for the pregnancy-specific mattress. Let us compare both the brands here:

  1. Firmness: Puffy comes in only medium firmness while Purple comes in hard, medium, and soft firmness. So, both brands have equal points here.
  2. Ventilation: Puffy has a zip and wash cover while Purple comes in breathable cover. Purple takes the lead here.
  3. Memory foam: Puffy has layers as follows: cloud gel foam, a plush dual cloud layer, and 7’’firm core support foam. Purple has layers as follows: hyper-elastic polymer, polyurethane foam, and responsive support coils. Here Puffy takes the points because support coils may not be comfortable for all.
  4. Thickness: Puffy is 12″ thick while Purple is 9.5-11.5″ thick. Purple offers wider thickness choices and so it takes the lead here.
  5. Motion transfer: Puffy has multiple layers of specialized foam that give it extra points over Purple.
  6. Toxin-free and allergen-free: Both Puffy and Purple are CertiPur-US certified. So, both take equal points here.

Final Words

Puffy is better than the Purple mattress by a mere margin in this Puffy and Purple mattress reviews.