Office Supplies You’ll Want to Keep Stocked Up as Workers Return After Lockdown


For many businesses across the country, staff are just starting to return to the office after weeks, if not months of lockdown restrictions and measures. And while everyone may be anxious to get back to work after the unexpected break, things aren’t just “business as usual” as there is a whole host of guidelines to follow in order to keep the workplace safe for all. Many of those guidelines will require you to stock up on office supplies that may not have even been used in the past.

So, what should you be looking to purchase? Here’s a look at office supplies you may need to keep a healthy stock of.

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

As most people are well aware of by now, washing hands is one of the best ways to stop the transmission of COVID-19, but sometimes there isn’t always a sink available, nor is it convenient. This is why you’ll want to be sure you have a healthy supply of hand sanitizer available to staff at all times. Each employee can have a pump at their desk, as well as hand sanitizer stations set up around the office.

Because you will likely be going through this product in large quantities at a time, be sure to check online for bulk buying deals. You can find hand sanitizer and other office supplies at a great price on where you will find a reasonably priced one-gallon size bottle, which allows you to refill all the small pumps throughout the space. This saves you from having to place purchase orders as often.

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Disposable Face Masks

Physical distancing is another way to drastically cut down on transmission of the disease, but what happens if you work in an industry or workplace where that just isn’t possible? This is when office supplies will also need to include disposable face masks. These are meant to be used one time only – which could mean per task or per shift – then disposed of. This could mean you will be going through a very large quantity, so you’ll want to be sure you’re able to order in volume.

Keep in mind the standard disposable three-ply face mask is meant to cut down the ability of an infected person to transmit to others, whereas the N95 respirator face mask also filters the air you breathe in so it protects the wearer as well.

Mini Stocks at Each Desk or Work Station

If your company has been in the habit of keeping all the office supplies in one central room where people can go in and access what they want, you may want to transition away from a communal space and stock each person’s desk or work station instead. 

What this means is that you’ll need enough of the basics for each employee’s desk. These basic supplies can include pens, notepads, highlighters, staples, paperclips, labels, file folders, and more. 

Entering into the New Normal

So, as everyone heads back to work and tries to get things churning again, it’s important to look at it as the new normal and ensure you find ways to make the workplace run smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

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