4 Tips for Men to Choose A Breitling Watch for Every Occasion

Breitling Watch
Breitling Watch

When attending an event there is always this thought in your head, that you need to stand out or simply unique, that sets you apart from the crowd. With these, you go all out and plan for days or even weeks on your get-up just so you will leave a lasting impression on those who will also attend the party. For instance, in a formal event, gentlemen would opt for a sleek black coat paired with a tie, and for the ladies, they would choose a fabulous dress, but your look does not end there you also need to pair them with accessories that will add up to your glamor, so you mix and match them with your outfit. With that in mind, a classic item that could set you apart from the crowd is completing them with a dazzling watch.

Why do you need to have different watches for various occasions?

Try to imagine a handsome young bachelor wearing a fine tuxedo and an aura that simply screams with poise, finesse, and style, then as he casually turns to check his wristwatch, you see him wearing a kiddie-styled one. The person who saw it will automatically think “what an epic fail”. This just shows that a watch has the power to either destroy or build an outfit and leave a certain impression about you that is why you must be keen when choosing your wristwatch. Breitling a brand known to be a pioneer in crafting timepieces has a vast number of collections making it an ideal brand to choose your watch, thus here are 4 tips on how men could choose their watch for every occasion.

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  • Choose a simple and elegant watch that complements your black-tie events


Breitling has been known in the watchmaking industry that produces beautifully crafted and precise timepieces having a wide variety of collections. Black tie events require a watch that is something a bit more simple yet dazzling, since there are a lot of different kinds of timepieces a man could own, a simple black leather strap watch is the perfect fit on such an occasion, conveying elegance while avoiding too much flash. You might want to try the Breitling Navitimer World watch; this classic beauty has a slender and intricate design, polished with a stainless steel case making it an ideal watch to pair with your sleek black tie outfit. 


  • Opt for a more durable watch for outdoor use and sportswear


When going for an adventure, you do not want to wear a timepiece that is suited up for a formal event. Pair up your outdoor and sports gear with a lightweight watch that is comfortable with a replaceable rubber strap having either shock or water-resistant qualities. For instance, try the Breitling Superocean Héritage II Chronograph, a durable shock and water-resistant wristwatch with a blue rubber strap partnered with steel construction and glare proofing on both sides immediately making its wearer feel like going on an adventure. 


  • When traveling, select a watch with a universal time that can adjust to wherever you go


Going on a journey from country to country can rather be tiresome most especially when they have different time zones also consider what you’ll do once you’ve arrived at your destination will it be going for an outdoor activity maybe perhaps on a business meeting and all the sorts thus you’ll need at least one watch that is suitable for all those activities. Another thing is considering safety when going to a different place, having an expensive watch might be a liability rather than a sense of fashion for you so you need a timepiece that isn’t very eye-catching. With this, consider Breitling’s Chronomat 44 GMT a mix and match between luxury and practicality and can track up to 3 timezones making it more convenient for the traveler type. 

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  • A minimal watch with a conventional and modest style is perfect for everyday use


A perfect weekend or casual timepiece is simple yet equally versatile with a face function while preserving its durability and appearance that goes well with your everyday get-up while avoiding getting too much attention, so you might wanna try Breitling Colt Skyracer or their Chronomat collection to complete your outfit. 


Given all this knowledge you can simply sum up that a simple, classic, well-rounded, and sophisticated watch is one of the known best qualities a timepiece should have. And with men having limited jewelry, they simply choose to own and collect more than one watch that complements their outfits on different occasions and also as a form of expressing themselves on who they are. Thus you could never go wrong choosing Breitling watches whenever you want to pump up your style on various events that you’ll be going to.