10 Things You May Know Today About Latest Tech things


1.According to bloom-berg Iran is taking actions against U.S for cyber-attacks,and also removing threats that effect on its network. According to bloom-berg all of these plans were first of all discussed by a semiofficial publication which was named as “Tasnim News”. Bloom-berg found that news after an interview with an Iranian general.

2.According to the neuroscientist Elon Musk plan is working today.  In this plan a chip is inserted into the brain of human. This chip was developed by a company named as “Neuralink”. This chip is working in an advanced manner. The company neuralink claimed that this chip can create Human AI-Hybrids Intelligence and also identify the human neural disorders, but scientist is not much sure about this chip.

3.According to a report Two new laws have been passed in California. These two laws were about to stop the porn and deep fakes in politics. According to CNET’s report, distribution of videos on social media is illegal now. If somebody is doing so, he will be responsible of his own. Now California residents can take legal actions upon these deep fake videos.

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4.Apple company claims that two models of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are malfunctioning due to some critical problems in cell phone.  Their component was unable to turning on the cell after Turing off. This problem was found only in the devices that were made from October 2018 to August 2019. Company claims that they will resolve the issue without any cost in these cell phones.

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5.It is recently reported that Pro and anti- Brexit Facebook groups leads toward dozens of death threats. These threats were covered by BBC Report. We have to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

6.According to a report A Pro- Hong Kong tweet was deleted by GM of Houston Rocket. Chinese consulate orders him to remove the error. CNBC reported that Daryl Morey apologies upon his mistake and resolve the issue that was created by him.

7.It was reported by BBC news that Tabard an Instagram star was arrested for blasphemy. She became famous due to showing her attempts to look like Angelina July by plastic surgery on her face. And now she is arrested by police.


8.According to Apple analyst a smaller and less expensive iPhone could be sold in early 2020’s.CNBC reported that “Ming- Chi Kuo”  a TF Security analyst reported that the tax rate of Apple iPhone will growing up 10% year by year.

9.CEO of Apple Tim cook” make a fake close relation with president Donald Trump, his senior adviser and his daughter Ivank Trump. If he disagrees with policy then Cook will Flag to trump’ administration reported by Wall Street Journal. 

10.It is leaked by an investor that apple is going to release soon a “dirt cheap”. Ming-Chi Kyu, a TF security, said that the new release phones of apple, which will be release in 2020, will be key growth driver.