Podcasts are one major trend taking over the content delivery techniques on the internet. They are audible blogs that can be published on a platform that will allow users to listen to them. The podcasts are usually released in episodes and seasons. 

For anyone who is a constant follower of content online will know the importance of both podcasts and blogs. Even for businessmen, podcasts and blogs are 2 major marketing techniques and choosing one from them might be tricky. 

There are a lot of perspectives to selecting one from podcasts and blogs, for which we can have a comparative outlook on the major pros and cons of both systems.  Different platforms are used to publish the content. Podcasts can be published on platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes, PlayForm etc and blogs can be published on WordPress, medium or any kind of website. There are also platforms that allow combining both of them.


The best digital marketing companies in Bangalore discuss in detail, the pros and cons of building your marketing strategies based on the platform you select: blogs or podcasts.

Certainly, podcasts and blogs have their own characteristics which are unique to them, and hence irreplaceable by the other. At the end of the day, increasing traffic and building up your customer base is what that matters.


Pros of using podcast in the Contents:

  • Ease of usage for the customers.

Customers can easily listen to the podcasts without spending extra time for gaining information. They can listen to the podcasts when they drive, when they are doing laundry or dishes, when they workout,  etc. It allows you multitasking, which will increase your efficiency.

  • Easy for the companies to gain loyal customers

People who generally listen to podcasts tend to listen to them more than any other kind of audio. Also, they are least likely to listen to your competitor’s podcasts once they are in love with your podcasts. With quality content, you can create a loyal customer base. 

  • People can relate

People will feel an emotional and intellectual connection with the podcasts as they are being heard with a voice in their head. This will make them feel special and more connected to your brand. Blogging might help you to get quick readers, but the constant and involved audience can be gained with podcasts. 

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  • Cannot get a quick response to the query

People need quick answers when they are in a situation of doubt or trouble. Sometimes, this will be difficult with podcasts. They will have to listen to the 5-10 minutes long podcasts when they need answers when this could easily be done by blogs, especially when Google suggests the answers from the blogs and texts.

  • Building a podcast requires inputs.

In contrast to a blog, building a podcast requires time, effort and an initial cost. Equipment like microphone, voice recording software, publishing platform etc needs to be set up. Also, a professional podcast needs to deliver the best of the content from the very first episode to ensure good visitors thereafter.

  • Not so developed SEO and analysis

SEO companies in Bangalore are now doing SEO for the podcasts too, as they are only gaining strength in the recent past only and as a result of this, it can be difficult for the search engines to increase the visibility of your website. With only “notes” section available for podcasts, the links and call to action that can be presented to the public are very less. Backlinking cannot be done and the SEO tactics will have to be rechecked for assuring good coverage. 


Blogs are one of the most popular and most used methods of marketing. Writing a blog and publishing them is done by almost all the companies. Content marketing is the best way you can reach out to your customers. 

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Blogging also has its own pros and cons to be discussed.


  • Easy to publish

With a clear picture of what you need to present and an Internet connection, it is so easy to publish the work. With some SEO works, you can increase the visibility of the article too.

  • Search engine friendly

Search engines give a quick result based on the text and articles that are published online. Websites take less time to convert text than audio. This will help the blogs be more optimised for search engines and bring more readers to your webpage, increasing the traffic, which is the basic intention of marketing.

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  • Gives the users a call of action

Blog posts can contain links and also provide the call for action buttons which will give you instant responses. Podcasts may have this ability restricted to the notes section while blogs have this facility discovered to the best and made use of to the maximum.


  • Difficult to get the attention

With the large influence of social media on the generation, it has been studied that the attention span of the users is quite less and hence, long blog posts can be difficult to be read in a whole. Hence, people give less attention to the content that has been published as a blog. Reading habits are being reduced over the generations.

  • High competition

With no barrier to enter the blogging field, it can be difficult to stand out of the million posts that come out daily with the same keyword and theme that you want to speak about. This can affect your visibility and your brand being recognised.

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Different people have different skills. Few would be really great in expressing their ideas in text while others would need to connect with their own voice. You better understand what will be best for you and your business to get connected to your customers. 

Choosing one depends upon the type of your audience too. There may be visual learners. There might be good readers. Today, many services are based on combining both of them to give any type of audience a good experience. 

Building a platform with honest, dedicated and worthy content will take you to the hearts of the audience and you cannot go wrong in building the user base that you need for your website.