Top 5 Alternative Sites To Vumoo For Streaming Movies Online

Top 5 Alternative Sites To Vumoo For Streaming Movies Online
Top 5 Alternative Sites To Vumoo For Streaming Movies Online

Vumoo is one of the better free streaming websites that have recently become popular. One visit to their website and it’s quite obvious right away.

These days, almost everyone is getting the majority of their entertainment from online sources. Gone are the days of sitting around in front of a TV watching whatever TV show or movie your DVR recorded the night before. Now we want it streaming at a moments notice, and for most of us, we want it free.

While websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are incredibly popular paid subscription services for Television shows and movies, most of us are looking for free alternatives. Luckily, there are a ton of free streaming websites out there, but not all are created equal.

Not only is their website completely free, but you don’t even have to register an account to be able to enjoy it. Just a click or two and you are on your way to watching a high definition movie or the latest TV series that all your friends are binge watching.

One nice thing about Vumoo is that all of the content is actually hosted on other third party web servers. This means if you’re watching a movie or an episode of a TV show and it is a little bit slow, you can easily choose from one of the other web servers they have listed for that particular title.

Most titles easily have three or four servers to choose from. Often it will choose the fastest, or most popular among Vumoo users. On occasion you may find a title that only has one or two servers listed, but this is usually with much older, more obscure titles, and it’s rarely an issue.

The simple, minimal design of the website makes it extremely easy to navigate and find exactly the content you’re looking for. Not only does the site work great on a computer, but it handles great on mobile devices as well.

With their outstanding search and filtering system, it’s easy to sort through genres and several other useful categories, so you have plenty of titles to choose from that are customized to exactly your interests.

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Every once in awhile, Vumoo might now have a specific movie or television show that you were excited to watch. In these incredibly rare circumstances, here are five more of the best movie streaming websites you can use an alternative.

Yahoo View


Yahoo View is a really interesting alternative to those popular paid subscription servers like Netflix. Despite it being free, it actually has quite a bit to offer.

Yahoo View is actually the successor of an earlier streaming service that Yahoo had called Yahoo Screen. They mostly function the same way, except View is a completely free model.

Of course there are advertisements, that’s how they make their money, but compared to many streaming sites, the advertisements aren’t very frequent, and they are much less distracting.

The only real concern is that the movie selection leaves a little bit to be desired. For the most part, it is full of tons of content that isn’t featured on other sites. The downside of this is that there is usually a reason it isn’t featured on other sites. But, regardless of the limited quality titles, there are quite a few hidden gems there.

It makes a great addition to any list of free movie websites you use. It is probably not great to use it exclusively, but it’s worth it to check it out once in awhile and see what recent hidden gems were added to their above-average library.

IMDb Freedive

IMDb, or as many know it as, Internet Movie Database, is now part of the online streaming movie trend with IMDb Freedive. It’s basically a free, ad-supported version of their popular subscription video service.

And while the selection is much lighter than it’s paid counterpart, Amazon Prime Video, the selection is nothing to scoff at. There are quite a bit of wonderful movies, both new and old, and some interesting television series to choose from.

Unfortunately, Freedive is only offered to US-based users, so people in the rest of the world will need to wait on this one until a global launch.

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For current US users, you just simply need an account to be able to choose from their small, yet great selection of quality titles. Being that it is also part of IMDb, they make it really easy to look up any facts or statistics about the movie or TV show you are watching.

Hopefully this service will grow on it’s own with a more robust library instead of simply being a lite version that seems to be a teaser to sign up for the paid version of Amazon Prime Video.


Snagfilms is a completely legit service just like any of the paid subscriptions listed. However, it’s completely free. There are thousands of unique movies to choose from that are a bit more independent and obscure, so you aren’t likely to find these titles on other websites. There are even quite a few television shows to choose from as well.

Unless you’re already a user of this website, or you stay up to date on the latest independent and foreign films, it’s unlikely you will find something that you have already heard of on this site. This makes it a bit of a double-edged sword.

On one hand, there are tons of movie and shows you’ve never seen, so you don’t have to search for very long to find something new. On the other hand, there isn’t much indication if the movie or show is a good fit for you.

That is until you have started watching movies and finished them. Snagfilms follows your viewing history on their website and gives you great recommendations on what you should watch next. No account is necessary and it’s free, so if you have time, it’s worth checking it out.



Popcornflix is a lot like other TV and movie streaming services that have already been talked about on this list. Like many of these, no account needs to be registered in order to enjoy their content, and it is 100% free. The main difference is that it seems to focus a lot more on older movies that may have been popular in it’s time.

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It also has a lot of television shows to choose from that seem like they were random ones that just needed a streaming distributor. Unfortunately, you’re going to be disappointed if you went to this streaming platform looking for a specific title or a TV show to watch. Chances are they don’t have it.

Luckily, since Popcornflix is a legitimate website with a proper distribution deal worked out with all their content, you won’t have to worry about any domain name shutdowns that can sometimes plague a lot of the free movie streaming websites with questionable hosting practices.

They are another one of those sites that is best to keep as a backup, and it’s mostly worth jumping on once in awhile to find a hidden gem or nostalgic movie from your past.


Free movie streaming websites come with a bit of a dark side at times. These are sites that look great at first glance, but you definitely need to be cautious when checking them out. MovieWatcher is one of these sites. The design of the website is incredibly polished, and it seems to have all the latest movies you would want to watch.

However, once you start clicking around, you’ll quickly find that they don’t actually host or link to any titles. They are just hosting high quality trailers of the titles, and then it is cluttered with fake buttons to watch the full HD version of the movie.

When you click any of these buttons, it will redirect you to random, external websites that seem even shadier. With a bit of digging, you can quickly get the sense that they are just trying to rack up affiliate commissions on confused users clicking around while trying to get a movie to play.

It’s best to avoid MovieWatcher altogether and just stick to one or more of the legitimate and trusted free movie streaming websites like Vumoo or some others that are listed above.

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