What Does Volatility Mean In Online Slots?


You can hardly talk about online casinos without talking about slot machines. This slot game has evolved into a unique, modern, and fun game. There are several options available with online free spins no deposit bonus slot games, but there is a vital factor influencing most people’s decisions in this regard, and that is slot volatility.

Online slot volatility explained.

Volatility refers to the term used in analyzing and assessing the risk of losing a bet. It thus suggests how often or rare players can win and the size of their prizes.

There are three categories of slot machine volatility: medium, low and high.

·         Low volatility

This type of slot game allows the players to win more while using minor jackpots, which are up to 500 times the bet. They may not be as exciting as machines with greater volatility, but the fact that they issue steadier payouts attracts people to them. There are other advantages of using low volatility slots: more extended playtime, more accessible bankroll, and minor loss.

·         Medium volatility slot

This is a perfect mid-point between low-volatile and high-volatile slot games. Although such games are challenging to play, they offer good returns. Also, mid-volatility games come with many bonus features that make them suitable for fun and rewards.

·         Highly volatile machines

If you are a player that wants to be a billionaire or millionaire, slot machines with high volatility are a perfect choice. They are referred to as high-risk machines because they do not always pay. But whenever they produce, the lucky winner should expect to go home with something big. Such. Such slots are liked by people who have a lot of money and time to spare. Some high-variance places can give jackpots up to 10,000 times the money gambled.

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How can one tell the volatility of a slot machine?

Not every player out there can play high variance slot machines. Some don’t feel motivated playing low-variance slot games as well. The best way to make the most of your online casino experience is to study slot machines’ volatility.

·         Get in the mix

Many online casinos will not reveal the volatility of their slot machines. The onus lies on the player to find out. The bad news is that the player will need a lot of time to find this out. You should try out the accessible version of the game. Playing the free version lets you understand the game dynamics because the variance is the same, whether free or not.

·         Find out the game’s RTP.

The return to player rate is the projection about how much gamblers can get as winnings; the game developers determine this. Online slot machines with higher RTP rates often have a better chance of winning. Those with low RTPs are usually more volatile.

Wrap up

The volatility of slots is a vital factor that remarkably determines the players’ preferences. This is why you may want to explore the different options to know what best suits you.