6 Essential Technical Writing Skills That Every Writer Must Possess

Technical Writing Skills
Technical Writing Skills

Technical writing is one of the most popular and fairly paid-for professions. They can earn a lot of money and this job is very creative. A pro essay writer earns money, learns various interesting things, and develops creativity, problem-solving, time management skills, and so on. The list is long, and it makes technical writing so popular.

However, it’s not that easy to become a writer in high demand. To achieve that aim, you are supposed to master 6 essential technical writing skills. This informative article will highlight those skills in detail and will likewise add useful tips and tricks.

In-Depth Competence

Every writer must know his/her subject perfectly. Otherwise, it will be impossible to write clear texts that clearly explain everything to readers. Therefore, you should possess in-depth knowledge about every topic and related topics you should disclose.

Technical writers write texts about complex terms in simple words. Thus, everyone can understand them. Commonly, they describe various technical products. 

Your competence is supposed to understand:

  • The functions of the product;
  • Its main purpose;
  • Key performances (all the functions);
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Possible bugs and repair;
  • Replacement, etc.

Obviously, you should master the art of using and testing. It may not be enough to simply review the description of a concrete product or service to fully reveal all its features and shortcomings. It’s really necessary to try it yourself.

You should possess at least basic technical skills because you’ll deal with technology. An advanced user ought to know programming languages, such as Java, C, C++, understand how to work in the HTML code, as well as know how to work with Word Microsoft, eBooks, and something of the kind. The list should be long, and you are supposed to constantly widen it.

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As you are going to describe complex concepts about different technological inventions, you should have advanced research skills. These skills need some time and big patience. You are obliged to use only verified data and so have to check merely all possible information sources. Create your database of trustworthy sources, save them, and steadily increase. Thus, you’ll always know where to find the necessary data in every sphere.

The Art of Asking Questions

It’s not possible to understand all the functions, purposes, and benefits offered by various inventions. Therefore, you should interview people who know about them and probably who have invented them. Getting information from experts, you will surely write high-quality texts with all the necessary detail.

However, it may be hard to interview those subject-matter experts (SMEs). First, you are not an expert and may not know what exactly to ask. Secondly, you may ask pretty naive and even stupid questions. If you want to avoid the moments of confusion, prepare beforehand. Create a list of the necessary questions, which will help to plainly reveal the potential of your product. Ask about:

  • The history of creation;
  • Main developers and contributors;
  • The main purpose;
  • Possible improvements since the initial project;
  • Main functions;
  • Possible issues faced by the team of developers;
  • The future of the product or service.

Additional tip: Don’t make your interviewees wait for long to have a productive and friendly interview.

Plain Writing

Now we have got to the writing itself. It’s among 6 essential skills, but it would have meant nothing if you weren’t able to understand the product and know everything about its features. You should remember for good one important rule – make it simple!

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The main goal of all technical writers is to clarify complex concepts, terms, and issues to people who aren’t specialists in a certain field. You should always expand your active vocabulary, learn specific terms, and brush up your grammar. It’s likewise necessary to use the right technical writing tools. They are divided into three major groups.

The first group is information gathering:

  1. Rational Rose
  2. StarUML
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Moz
  5. Zotero

To the second group belong tools for documenting information:

  1. MediaWiki
  2. Adobe Robohelp
  3. Notepad++
  4. WordPress
  5. Adobe Photoshop, etc.

The third group combines tools for publishing:

  1. Adobe InDesign
  2. iStudio Publisher
  3. Scribus
  4. Whatfix
  5. Issuu, etc.

If you want to be a successful technical writer, knowledge of these tools is compulsory. Try every tool out of our lists, as well as look for similar ones. Thus, you’ll know which ones are suitable for your job.

Graphical Delivery

Another essential skill every technical writer is expected to master is to learn how to convey information graphically. Many people are visual learners. It means that they understand information much better when they don’t simply read, but see graphical examples. Make sure you master the necessary skills and tools to work with images, icons, animations, tables, diagrams, charts, etc.

Advanced Communication

Undoubtedly, you should have great communication skills. You have probably understood that when we have mentioned the art of asking questions. You are supposed to build your network with your employers, partners, editors, possible clients, and so on. Your interpersonal skills ought to be advanced so that you could establish strong relations with the people that may help with your writing. Don’t forget that modern technical writing has changed from a one-static way to interactive communication. 

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Make sure you:

  • Write user-centric texts;
  • Show the full lifecycle of the products;
  • Successfully apply audio-video delivery;
  • Create comprehensive texts for all.

Your texts should be easy to read and understand. Work out your technical skill and try to support every text with some video or audio support. Obligatorily show all the phases of the lifecycle of every product and service you describe.

These 6 technical writing skills and methods are of huge importance for every technical writer. They will always be relevant and so you should obligatorily master them all. Besides, you should likewise master and improve many other skills that will make out of you a perfect expert.