6 Simple Ways to Track My Husband’s Phone


Are you doubting your husband is engaging in an extramarital affair? Through his smartphone, you can easily track all his activities and movements. The simplest way you can track his phone is through a tracking app.

Today, you have at your disposal a multitude of phone tracking apps. However, selecting the best app for your needs is an uphill task for anyone. Fortunately, there are some trustworthy phone tracking apps. 

In this post, we share the 6 simple apps you can use to track your husband’s phone. These apps have a reputation for delivering a reliable service to their users across the world. 

#1 Spyine – The best way to track your partner

If you want a discreet and simple way of tracking your husband’s phone, check out Spyine. With Spyine you get a reliable way of tracking all your husband’s phones, Android or iPhones.

Thanks to its capabilities, Spyine is attracting the attention of major media outlets like Forbes. Spyine comes with over 30 surveillance features that give you virtually unlimited access to his phone. 

If you are wondering ‘how can I track my husband’s phone without him knowing’, Spyine has your back. Over a million users worldwide trust Spyine to track the target device discreetly. 

Here are some of the Spyine capabilities


With Spyine, all the surveillance activities take place in the background. This way, the app doesn’t interfere with your husband’s phone performance making it hard for him to know. 

Besides, on iOS devices, no installation is necessary to start tracking your husband’s iPhone. Rather, Spyine uses his iCloud backup to track all his movements and activities on the phone. 

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For Android smartphones, Spyine automatically deletes its icon after installation and hides in installed apps. All these measures ensure your husband doesn’t get a whiff of what you are doing.

2.Jailbreak-free and root-free  solution 

To track your husband’s phone, you won’t have to root his Android phone or jailbreak his iPhone. It is a common practice for phone tracking apps to require jailbreaking or rooting the target phone. 

However, Spyine is one of the few tracking apps that have overcome this hurdle. To accomplish this, Spyine capitalizes on the latest technology. Besides, jailbreaking or rooting a device requires skills and time. 

What’s more, the process of the rooting or jailbreaking his phone compromises his security. Also, rooting or jailbreaking voids his phone’s warranty and raises a lot of concerns for your husband.


With Spyine, you are guaranteed data privacy for your husband. The app doesn’t have access to data on third-party apps so it can’t archive them on its server. Also, Spyine ensures you are the only one who can access your dashboard.

4.Remote tracking capability 

All the tracking activities on this app occur online via a web browser. You only need to log in to your Spyine dashboard to start tracking your husband’s phone. On the dashboard, you can track his whereabouts and apps on his phone. 

#2 Neatspy 

As one of the top-rated phone surveillance apps, Neatspy provides a simple way to track your husband. The app gives you access to different aspects from installed apps on his phone to phone calls.

Best of all, the app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting his phone to start tracking his phone. Neatspy can track Android and iOS devices. So, you won’t have to worry if your husband has an iPhone and Android smartphone. 

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What’s more, all its tracking activities are in stealth mode to avoid detection. The app capitalizes on the latest technology to track your husband remotely without him knowing. 

#3 ClickFree 

ClickFree is among the latest advanced phone surveillance apps. It is a web-based spy app that lets you track your husband remotely and discreetly. This way, he won’t know you are tracking his phone and activities.

Besides, it allows you to track any iOS or Android device. To top it all, you won’t have to compromise your husband’s phone to track it. Rather, ClickFree uses cutting-edge technology. 

For instance, you won’t have to install the app on his iPhone to track his phone. You only need to provide his iCloud credentials. The app uses the iCloud backup to track all his phone activities. 

#4 Minspy 

Another remarkable phone tracking app is Minspy. With Minspy, you have a simple way of tracking your husband’s phone remotely via a web browser. To accomplish this, you only need to sign in to your Minspy dashboard. 

Minspy lets you track iOS and Android devices remotely. What’s more, you don’t need technical know-how to start using Minspy for your tracking needs. Using it is straightforward thanks to its intuitive user interface. 

Also, Minspy is among jailbreak-free and root-free phone tracking solutions. Besides, you get over 30 phone tracking features in this app for tracking all his phone activities. 

#5 Spyic

As one of the veterans in the phone tracking industry, Spyic has earned quite the following. It boasts of more than a million users globally and a high customer approval rating of 96%. Also, it works on iOS and Android devices.

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What’s more, it delivers more than 35 tracking features to all its users. These features track virtually all installed apps on his phone and much more. As a reliable and simple app, you won’t have to jailbreak or root his phone to track it. 

#6 Spyier 

With Spyier, you get another new and advanced phone tracking app. The app allows you to track all his Android and iOS devices. It relies on the latest tracking technology to track his phone and all its activities.

Spyier comes with over 30 tracking features. Also, it works in the background to ensure your husband doesn’t recognize your tracking activities. What’s more, the app does require compromising your husband’s phone security to track it. 


The simplest way you can track your husband’s phone is via a phone tracking app. In this post, we’ve shown you 6 simple apps you can use to track his phone discreetly. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but we recommend Spyine.