Comprehensive guide to improve your local SEO

local SEO
local SEO

If you’re an up and coming website owner who wants to get maximum views on your website in the shortest time possible, you’ll need to learn about SEO and how it operates.

The first and foremost point to note is that you are trying to improve your local SEO, i.e. you don’t want traffic from a region which you cannot work with. This is a domain itself and must be handled as such.

By focussing on your local SEO you can outplay bigger brands and competitors who will focus on a much larger market and broader keywords.

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According to a study conducted in 2017, 35 % of all traffic is local traffic. This puts over a third of your viewers who search about your website from localities near you. Tus, you might see the importance of local SEO optimization.

Source: Review Trackers

With such a heavy dependency on SEO for your online profile and marketing, here are a few tips for you to win on the local SEO market.

This helps customers communicate with your company a lot easier and thus, improves customer satisfaction and civil discourse.

  • Creating a google business account:

With google dominating the search engine market, it is easy to understand why your product and company will benefit by having a google associated  business account.

In October 2020, Google had a market share of 88.14 %. This means that getting your company represented by Google will simply get you ahead of your competitors.

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Source: Statista

Creating a Google business account has multitudes of benefits. From adding a valid ownership of your business, providing accurate and timely information to encouraging customer reviews and advertising sales and reductions.

This helps costumes communicate with your company a lot easier and thus, improves customer satisfaction.

  • Get reviews and comments:

Getting occasional reviews from customers will not just help with your online profile but will also help them feel heard and cared for. This will ensure that you get agreeable ratings online as well as  both positive and negative comments telling you what you have done wrong and what could be improved.

When you listen to customers it will definitely get them to recommend you to their friends and relatives and get you a strong, long term customer bond as well as increased popularity.

With most people putting their trust in online reviews, today, an online review itself might be more than enough to bring customers flocking to your business. So don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Advanced Mobile Experience:

Mobile phones are unquestionably the browsing method of tomorrow, with an increasing amount of people shopping online and getting their online work done through a mobile device, you can understand why it is essential to optimize your website to be mobile friendly.

Having a website solely for computers is becoming more and more redundant as time passes. So make sure you spend some time to focus on a mobile friendly user experience.

  • Hiring a company:

Followed all the previous steps and yet nothing seems to work? There are still quite a few tricks left up your sleeve.

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As simple as the title suggests, you could just hire a SEO company or agency who will help you gather increased viewership on your website and increased awareness of your company.

There exist award winning companies like StudioHawk who make incredibly optimized web pages that never fail to show up as one of the first results on google.

Hiring such a company can turn the tide for you and your establishment.

For most smaller companies without a marketing team and even larger corporations, hiring an SEO has shown to result in massive gains on viewership of their websites.

  • Create local content:

Having content based on local news, stories and general occurrences in your neighbourhood or locality can lead to increased viewership on your content. You can also check some anonymous stories for example from The Doe site.

The people who search for that content tend to be local and this leads to an increased awareness, raising your brand value even further.

Remember to make it a habit to use local reports in your article when creating local SEO.

With the current pandemic and lockdowns in most countries it becomes difficult for most of us to use standard means of purchase and searching through recommendation. This situation can explain why online searches are becoming quite important for businesses.