4 Space-Saving Tips that Never Go Out of Style

Space-Saving Tips
Space-Saving Tips

“I need space.” Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, this article is not about solving your relationship issues. It’s about literal space— the areas of your house that aren’t full of bulky furniture or a pile of unnecessary things accumulated through the years. Has consumerism left you with cramped bedrooms? Are you distracted and unable to do work because of the many items that surround you? Do your things spark feelings of suffocation rather than joy? Do you need some space? Well, you have come to the right place. Today, we have for you 4 space-saving tips that never go out of style. 

1.Maximize your walls

If you were to look around your house, you would probably notice that there is more vertical space than there is horizontal. One common mistake of many homeowners is not taking advantage of the potential that a blank wall holds. From a vertical garden to a floating shelf to an indoor bike rack, walls are real space savers. Long gone are the days of simply throwing things in big bins and leaving them to collect dust in the corner. 

Not only is maximizing your walls a practical solution but a stylish one as well. Ordinary items can become classy decor. Shelves can add dimension to a room. Hanging pots or mugs can add a unique and modern touch to your kitchen. 

You do not need much to transform your wall. With just a handful of hooks and nails from your nearest hardware store, you could already do so much. There are also several shelves online that come with very reasonable price tags. Have fun and customize it according to your personal needs and taste. Go beyond the conventional picture frame or art. Remember, a wall is like a blank canvas. So fill it with things that speak of who you are. 

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2.Listen to Marie Kondo

If you won’t take our word for it, then take Emily Gilmore’s. Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert, offers a tried and tested approach to organizing things in your home. The KonMari method comes down to the concept of keeping only what sparks joy. Covering everything from throwing away paperwork to the art of folding clothes, Kondo covers a simple yet effective approach to removing clutter and freeing up space. 

For her, organizing begins with dividing up your things into categories rather than rooms. Before attempting to fix the items in their designated place, you must first do away with those that are not essential. With this, you will be able to work through the things you have efficiently. While we could go on and on about her methods, it is best to hear it from the expert herself. Before you go shopping for new shelves, you might want to listen to Marie Kondo first. Take the challenge and go clear out your closet!

3.Stray from the conventional

The tiny house movement has forced people to look for better ways to solve the problems that come with a lack of space. Simplicity and living on less are the ideas behind this movement. While you may not want to downsize your home anytime soon, you can still learn a thing or two about maximizing the space you have now. 

If you ever find yourself in a tiny house, you may notice how some pieces of furniture have multiple purposes. For instance, you might find an ottoman that conceals storage space or a desk that transforms into a bed. Some even have storage compartments beneath the stairs and floorboards. 

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Innovations characterize modern homes. While making these adjustments may seem daunting, you do not have to renovate your whole room to stray from the conventional. Turning in the usual laundry hamper for one that you can hang on your door is one of the many simple ways that you can innovate while saving space. Transforming our spaces will affect various aspects of our lives, such as how we work, play, interact, and rest. What better way to start adapting to change than to do it the tiny house way. 

4.Fill that corner

Maximizing each nook and cranny of your humble abode is one popular space-saving hack. By just installing a corner shelf, you already have more space to put your favorite books or scented candles. Another idea is to line an empty corner with a clothes rack for efficient access. In the past, others have saved space by eliminating large sofas. They then replace this with a cozy corner seat. Professionals or students also find it helpful to turn awkward corners into a working space. With the right placement of furniture, you too could put these areas to good use. The corner of your home could even become the center of attention!

In A Nutshell 

Most times, the problem is less about your lack of space and more about your need for creative ideas. The next time you’re complaining about how small your home is to accommodate all your belongings, make sure to remind yourself of these 4 space-saving tips that will never go out of style. Sometimes, all you need to have is a little imagination to make it work!

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