Top 3 Energy-Saving Solutions For Hassle-Free EV Charging

Hassle-Free EV Charging

Are you thinking of investing in an EV? If yes, you should not think twice and take immediate action to join hands in reducing the carbon footprint manifolds. But wait a minute, did you know you can get more benefits served if you opt for energy-saving EV charging solutions? Yes, you heard me right! This exhaustive guide shares some unique energy-saving solutions that will increase energy efficiency in many more ways. So, let’s begin with their details below. 

3 Best Energy-Efficient Options For Smooth EV Charging

Have a sneak peek into the amazing energy-saving solutions that help in excellent EV charging.

1.Don’t Charge In Peak Hours

Believe it or not, EV charging during peak hours may overstrain the charging stations with high electricity demands. Thus, it is better to check with the utility providers to know about the time-of-use (TOU)  models of pricing and peak hours so that you can charge in the off-peak times. This will reduce the overall load on the system and help in higher environmental benefits. As a business owner, you can easily offer incentives to your customers so that they shift their charging requirements to that time. This little encouragement can go a long way by saving you money and increasing your charging system’s efficiency. 

2.Use Equipment Having Energy Star Certification 

Every piece of equipment with high-energy stars demonstrates its energy efficiency. The same is the case with EV chargers. When they are not being used, they will stay in the standby mode. Remember in the meantime when they are not charging, they use energy and reduce the full system efficiency. Thus, it would really help if you opt for ENERGY STAR-certified EV charging equipment right when you commence with the planning phase. 

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The main reason behind this is these chargers make use of less than 40% energy when in standby mode. This will definitely alleviate greenhouse gas emissions and save more energy easily. 

3.Investing In Highly Efficient Infrastructure

Remember all charging stations if paired near energy-saving buildings will help in ameliorating the full system’s efficiency. With the use of energy-efficient technology that empowers low energy consumption and relies on natural resources for energy, both the buildings and charging stations provide an extra edge towards energy consumption. If possible, EV users can locate all nearby EV charging stations using the GRID EV app. Its advanced navigation map is useful in sharing accurate routes to nearby charging stations in a jiffy.

This will help in seamlessly shifting of energy supply from the office infrastructure to the EV charging stations and then, back to offices as per the required need. This happens like a two-way charging mechanism.

The Bottom Line

Since Electric vehicles (EVs) hold paramount importance in saving the environment and probing towards a sustainable future, it is time for businesses to consider working on energy-efficient components to make EV charging even more amazing. This will help you to invest in both smart and energy-conserving resources that are both durable and work for a long time. They will surely maximize your terrific energy-saving efforts and make you closer to the earth.