5 best time tracking software to track work time of your employees

time tracking software
time tracking software

Time Tracking Software is such a system that records the total time you have invested in a particular task or project.

It also provides visibility of all your computer activities. In addition to it, it helps you to become extremely productive within your budget.

Time tracking software helps your business by improving productivity, helping with invoices, cutting off expenses, improving workflow, and avoiding distractions.

Below are 5 time tracking software that you can try for tracking the work time of your employees. 

Read on to have a look!

1. Paymo:

Paymo is suited best for the teams that are looking for project management software and employee time tracking.

  • This software is a work management tool that comes with resource scheduling, native time tracking, and invoicing.
  • The most appealing part of this software is that one can track time in their way. Either through the web timer, manually, or by the dedicated mobile and desktop apps.
  • Each time record gets recorded automatically in a timesheet. This is how the project managers and admins receive each important insight in order to run a team efficiently.
  • In fact, the invoice moduling system changes the timesheet into an invoice with a simple click.
  • Another amazing feature is that the Active Timers permits you to look at who is tracking the time for which particular task and for how long. 
  • The price depends on the small office, business, and free plan.

2. Harvest:

Harvest is suited best for teams that are looking for billing software and employee time tracking.

  • You are obligated to trip on Harvest if you are in the productivity space for a longer period.
  • This time tracking tool is excellent for teams that need a strict time discipline. The project managers accept and evaluate time entries through the timesheet approval system. This prevents probable errors too.
  • The team overview states various analytics to look at the projects that consume the maximum effort.
  • Harvest combines with various other tools, especially the project management ones. It integrates with invoicing ones as well.
  • The price depends on pro and free plans.
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TSheet is best suited for teams that are working on the field workers.

  • Here in TSheet, you can build employee schedules by shift or job and further share them with the rest of the team.
  • This way, workers will keep getting alerts that will remind them to clock in and out. If you want attendance software and time tracking software for employees, this app will work fine.
  • With this, you can allot the address of a particular job to know where they need to be. TSheet can track your location as well. But not outside office hours.
  • The price depends on the premium use, elite, and enterprise. No free plan is available.

4. BeeBole:

BeeBole is best suited for teams that are looking for project time tracking and employee time clock.

  • The flexibility and personalization of this app make it reliable. You can set it for employees to clock in and out, track time, projects, or make manual entries.
  • This can be done on mobile as well as desktop app. An Internet connection is not necessary. It notes attendance, vacations and leaves as well.
  • The administrators have permission to check on the team performance, project status and overtime. It also permits the admin and project manager to approve timesheets, review, lock the time entry, and request for changes.
  • It is easy for both the administrator and the employee. It can be customized too.
  • The price depends on NGOs, educational institutions and free trials. Free plans are not available.


Everhour is best suited for teams that are looking for visibility across workloads.

  • Everhour connects with various tasks and tools to pull all projects into one platform. This app excels in team availability.
  • You can compare your team members’ time logs against their schedules by setting a weekly capacity for each of them. The available hours will show in free, overtime in red color, and leaves or break days in grey.
  • A native invoicing module is also available with this tool.
  • The price depends on basic, enterprise, and free plans.
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ezClocker is best suited for small businesses looking for a great time tracking app that is both easy to use and affordable.

  • One of the reasons ezClocker is highly rated on the AppStore is its simple design where even a non-tech person can figure out how to use it.
  • When an employee clocks in or out the app captures their GPS so the employer can easily verify if their employees were at the correct location.
  • ezClocker allows you to turn your tablet into a portable time clock where employees can use one device to clock in/out. Ideal for offices or restaurant owners.
  • ezClocker also supports advanced settings where you can restrict employees from clocking in early, report overtime and labor job cost calculations.
  • Pricing is very affordable starting with the Basic plan which covers up to 15 employees.