5 Luxurious and Practical Self-Care Tips for the Modern Man

Self-Care Tips
Self-Care Tips

Not taking care of yourself lately? We’re now into the second quarter of 2021 and you might be wondering if any self-care tips can be both luxurious, yet, would still be worth your every buck. We’ve crafted for you this insanely all-encompassing list of seven self-care tips—whether you’re just looking for self-improvement inspiration or you believe it’s about time you deserve some pampering—but in some of the most practical ways possible. If this is you, sit tight, and let’s get started!

1.Get a Well-Deserved Wardrobe Update

Just because you spend more time indoors, it shouldn’t mean you must take a break from retail therapy. In fact, shopping is stress-relieving even for most men. Since you now spend less time outdoors, when you do leave your home, every chance is a perfect opportunity to look your best. Get a wardrobe update by picking out simple, plain, yet quality pieces of clothing and accessories.

Never feel guilty when investing in plain and non-flashy clothing and accessories because you will enjoy their versatility, as they would be fitting regardless of whether the occasion is formal or casual. Let the quality and brand speak for themselves. When it comes to accessories, any cultured man in 2021 should invest in a luxury watch. A perfect example would be any timepiece from the Omega Seamaster collection. They are elegant, versatile, and incredibly water-resistant. It is truly a sophisticated and luxurious choice, yet the Omega Seamaster price can be found among some of the most obtainable categories in the market. It’s a luxury item that can become a good investment, one that is undeniably within your reach.

2.Take Epsom Sea Salt Baths

These days you’ve probably heard about the hype on “bath bombs” that make bubble baths fancier. It does a great job at upping any bath experience with all the aroma and fragrances infused in them. Unfortunately, despite its taste of luxury, it comes at the expense of certain health risks. Some of its common additives belong to the hazardous waste list, while others have been linked to obesity, allergic reactions, and the worsening of hormone levels and sperm quality, just to name a few. So for your health’s sake, these enchanting bubble bombs are a no-go—well, unless you’re willing to expose yourself to harmful chemicals.

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One alternative, however, does not come with any risks but happens to be healthy for you. This is no other than taking Epsom Sea Salt baths. When you need to relax, just pour in two cups of Epsom salt in any standard-sized bathtub and fill it with warm water. Soak your body for 12 to 20 minutes or as long as you want. Just make sure to avoid soap after the bath and rest for at least an hour afterward. After the bath, you are sure to clear dead skin, especially in hard-to-reach areas. and it also serves as a healthy detox which you can do as often as 2-3 times a week. Just double-check that the Epsom salts packaging has a drug facts box because only these items meet FDA standards. When you take Epsom salt baths, not only will you enjoy luxurious relaxation, but you will also enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of the salts, among other benefits.

3.Moisturize Like There’s No Tomorrow

Some men believe that skincare is just an optional part of one’s daily routine. However, one unpopular belief is that you can never moisturize yourself too much—from your hair down to your feet. Even if you have oily skin, it’s all the more reason to moisturize your face because moisturizers serve as a barrier from dirt, acne-causing bacteria, and fungi. Believe it or not, in the long run, moisturizers prevent your skin from becoming too oily. 

You should try Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil (Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion) to grace your hair with a heavenly scent and to help prevent hair breakage and severe dryness. For your face, Tiege Hanley gives you the pampering you need for incredibly soft skin. And for your body, almost any high-end lotion with shea butter should help you lock in all the moisture you need. Looking out for your skin is certainly one of the best practices for self-care.

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4.Try These Hygiene Life Hacks

Get a bathroom towel dedicated to your face

Maximize your chances of scoring clear skin by not using the same towel you use for your body. Only God knows how often you unknowingly wipe the same side of the towel that you used to wipe your but with your face! Get a separate towel and spare that golden asset.

Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair

If you’re struggling with frizzy hair, instead of using a towel, regularly dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt and watch all that frizz go away!

Wait for your antiperspirant deodorant to dry before wearing your shirt

Some of us are big fans of roll-on deo because they tend to be more effective than dry sticks or body sprays, or perhaps it’s just purely preference. To avoid tough deo stains, wait for your antiperspirant deo to dry before putting on a shirt. That way, you can enjoy its full effect as a deodorant and as an antiperspirant without those ugly stains.

Don’t apply lotion to your underarms

We mentioned earlier that you can never moisturize your skin enough. It’s true! Except for a certain part of your body: your underarms. Odor-causing bacteria like to thrive in moist and warm environments–and one environment perfect for them to grow in are those pits. Resist the temptation to moisturize your underarms with lotion, and notice your deodorant do its job perfectly.

5.Energy Expenditure vs Energy Intake

Any watchful gentleman who wants to cut fat follows this rule of thumb. Your energy expenditure (workouts and daily physical activities) should be more than your energy intake (eating). It doesn’t matter if you want to eat like a king, just be sure to strike a sustainable and healthy balance by working out like a beast.

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6.Journal With a Moleskine

Journaling or writing has been proven to be a healthy exercise for the mind. It’s known to ease anxiety and draw clarity when practiced every day. Moleskine may be recognized for its big price tag, but not many know the benefits of keeping one. Journaling with a Moleskine is both luxurious and practical because its pages are acid-free so it prevents all your notes and doodles from fading. The water-resistant covers will also protect your writing from unwanted moisture, so you’re sure to keep your genius thoughts and sketches for a lifetime.

7.Invest in Virtual Protection

Last but not least, never settle for less when it comes to your online activities. Most of our lives these days happen online, so it makes a huge difference to buy an anti-virus software license and pay for VPN subscriptions. Even if you’re on macOS which is believed to be less affected by malware, perhaps you still haven’t heard of Silver Sparrow. It is a cunning type of malware that attacked 30,000 Apple MacBooks this year. Any file or activity on any operating system these days can be compromised. So, protect yourself by buying the extra security because it’s a luxury, these days, that you can’t afford to say no to.


Times are different. A lot of things that we may have brushed off in the past should be taken more seriously in the present. Thankfully, many resources today can guide us on lifestyle choices that can make self-care better and easier to do. We have also seen that hiding in the shadows of luxurious options, there is always an unnoticed list of practical benefits that always outweighs the price. We hope you enjoyed this post and we wish you the best of luck with your journey to self-care!