Sports Betting: Who’s In and How Much of an Opportunity Do They Represent

Sports Betting
Sports Betting

Any event in the world of sports is accompanied by bets on it. Bookmakers have become an integral part of watching any match or tournament. People all over the world use the services of gambling platforms.

With the advent of online bookmakers, the rate of people involved in betting has increased significantly. Therefore, now there are a huge number of companies that offer to place bets even where it is illegal.

However, why is sports betting prohibited in some countries? Let’s figure it out. And, also, we will find out how many prospects the legalization of bookmakers offers.

The place of Cricket in India 

India is a country where cricket has a special place in people’s lives. This sport began to develop back in the 18th century and since then has passed a long history.

There are now a large number of both international and home matches in the world of cricket. Indians follow all of the tournaments like Twenty20, IPL, and many others.

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Who places bets on cricket in India?

Sports bets are placed all over the world. This kind of entertainment is especially popular in England and its colonies. India is such a country.

No event in cricket is followed by Indians without bets. This is why so many online bookmakers offer their services and do their best to break into the Indian market. They offer good conditions and bonuses to attract as many users as possible. And they do it successfully.

Is it legal to place bets in India?

The only problem facing the cricket betting world in India is illegalization. The country’s government has banned any gambling in the country, including casinos and bookmakers. 

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This was done back in 1867. Then the main law was adopted that regulates this area – the main legislative act on gambling in India. Initially, only 10 states were under his jurisdiction. But since the days of the whole territory of India has become forbidden for betting.

Over time, the states began to decide for themselves how they would treat rates. But there was no improvement. Now, the minimum gambling activity is only allowed in 3 states. The state applies acts in various fields to control the situation in the country. However, such regulation remains not fully thought out and is partly useless.

How do Indians place bets?

Even though cricket betting is not legalized in India, people still do it. The reason for this is poor regulation and control by the state regarding foreign online platforms.

Offshore bookmakers continue to offer their services to Indians. Moreover, it is actually legal. India prohibits its citizens from running a betting business but not using online bookmakers. 

Therefore, the Indians calmly use such companies as 22bet, Bet365, Parimatch, Leo Vegas, Royal Panda, 888sport, and many others.

Prospects for legalizing bookmakers

In this section, we will take a closer look at the reasons and results of legalizing sports betting in India. And also, we will study the consequences of ignoring this area.

Reasons for legalization of sports betting in India

In fact, India is losing a lot by refusing to legalize bets. According to polls, about 40 percent of Indians are willing and able to bet on cricket. Moreover, India is one of the most profitable and favorable countries for such an industry. What are the reasons for this:

  1. The presence of a popular sport in the country. About 80% of all bets in India are in cricket;
  2. The presence of active and young people;
  3. Well-developed IT industry.
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This indicates that India has all the conditions for the development of such a business. However, this is not possible yet.

How Much of an Opportunity Does legalization Represent?

The legalization of bets can affect wealth in many areas of people’s lives in India. Moreover, the list of advantages that the country will receive from this is only growing. For example, explore the possibilities offered by bet legalization:

  1. The presence of about 100,000 new jobs throughout the country, that is, a decrease in the unemployment rate;
  2. A huge contribution to the country’s GDP for two reasons:
  • percentage of the winnings;
  • more people will attend sports matches;

The country wins in two areas at once. Also, it is attracting people to sports;

  1. Less risk of fixing matches;
  2. Satisfaction of the population, as they have the opportunity and earn;
  3. Cricket leagues will have the opportunity to receive more funding and to enter into agreements with bookmakers. This will improve the role of Indian cricket in the international sports arena, as well as replenish the country’s budget;
  4. Reducing the percentage of people involved in the black market for betting.

All these advantages are proof of the profitability of the betting industry in the country.

What is India losing by giving up sports betting?

Oddly enough, India’s list of disadvantages from refusal to legalize is more serious. It is also worth considering what India is losing by continuing to abstain from regulating sports betting:

  1. First of all, budget losses. At the moment, Indian users are funding other countries by placing bets on foreign platforms;
  2. A large percentage of illegal bets;
  3. People’s dissatisfaction, and so on.
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It all comes down to the fact that India needs to start regulating this area. The country’s gambling prospects are estimated at billions of dollars. However, there is no reason yet to believe that the country will legalize bookmakers. Only three states have partially allowed gambling. And this already has its results in the form of significant annual income.


Do Indians love to bet on sports?

Yes! At least 40 percent of Indians are in favor of legalizing cricket betting. Moreover, annually about a million bets are made from this country. Moreover, 80% of them are on cricket.

How does the government in India view bets?

The country has laws that prohibit any gambling activity, including sports betting. It regulates in every possible way many areas, such as payment, so that citizens do not have the opportunity to do this.

What is the real situation with bets in India?

With the advent of online bookmakers, this issue has become easy to solve. Now millions of Indians use the services of foreign companies that are not prohibited in the country.

What are the benefits of legalizing betting in India?

First of all, this is a big plus for the country’s budget. Also, the creation of new jobs, a decrease in the percentage of people betting on black markets, a higher percentage of attending sports events, the opportunity to earn money, and so on.

Is there a prospect of legalizing rates in India?

There is no reason to believe that this will happen soon. However, the country is slowly moving towards this. Partially, already 3 states have legalized at least some kind of gambling activity.