Three betting sections that you may find on most online bookmakers


Most people who are into sports betting probably remember that there were only a few online bookmakers that we could choose from. Unlike today, these websites offered a handful of sports and markets. Needless to say, there were hardly any betting features or bonuses.

Fortunately, the iGaming industry developed rapidly in the last couple of years. That’s why instead of several betting sites, we now have access to hundreds of online bookmakers. To stand out, these sites create special bonuses and unique features. Moreover, they try to include as many sports as possible.

However, even this is not enough because the competition is fierce. That’s why some brands decided to create additional betting sections so that people can play other things when they do not want to bet on sports. If you read this review with useful information about SvenBET, you will notice that this is one of the brands with several betting sections.

Before you check them out, we’d like to point out which are the most common options you will find once you start looking for an online bookie.

  • Live Betting (In-Play)

One of the most popular sections that you will find on nearly every bookmaker is the one that allows you to place live bets. In-Play or Live Betting is a place where customers can go and wager on sports events that have already started. Usually, people come here because they have access to unique markets and odds.

The next reason why punters like this section is because it gives them the power to test most of the gambling features. As you probably know, every sports betting website has at least several various features. The most popular one is called Cash Out, but there are other options, like live-betting, edit bet, and more.

  • Esports section

Another thing that you can expect to find on most gambling operators is a stand-alone eSports section. Betting on computer games might seem strange at first, but this is one of the world’s hottest industries, which is why almost every online bookmaker gives its customers access to numerous different titles.

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What’s interesting is that only a handful of sites create stand-alone sections where customers can only choose from eSports. Most bookies simply add the different computer games in their sportsbooks. 

  • Lotteries

Even though this section is usually available on most online casinos, there are sportsbooks where customers can also try their luck on one of the many lotteries. One of the things that makes this place interesting is that some bookies offer two types of lotteries. 

The first one includes world-famous options, such as Mega Millions. Naturally, most bettors are interested in them because their jackpot usually reaches millions of dollars. Nonetheless, some operators organize their own lotteries, where punters can win different types of monetary prizes, free bets, and other cool rewards.

Regardless of which lottery you want to try out, make sure you read the T&C because it is essential to know what you should and shouldn’t do.