A Dive Into The Type Of Reports Generated By GPS Tracking System And How It Can Benefit For Your Business


When managing a fleet, it becomes paramount that you keep track of your vehicles via a GPS tracking system.


You require a GPS system that can offer you a complete report about the vehicle’s zone in-out data, vehicle’s real-time status, driver’s behavior, over speeding analysis, history of the vehicle, and various other reports. 

You can later verify the reports & analytics that mention each & every vehicle’s movement for as long as it was on the road. You can also analyze your vehicles’ daily summary & specific location-based actions. 

You can gain insights into the inbuilt analytics to extrapolate further enhancements in your vehicle tracking strategy. Such reports are vital if you don’t intend to lose your grip over your fleet management business.

Reports Generated By The GPS Tracking System

Here are mentioned some of the diverse reports generated by the GPS tracking system and what all useful bits of information can these reports provide –

1. Geo-Fence Report

Geo-fencing is a very crucial tracking report in any tracking system. You get the ability to create various geo-areas, referred to as the geo-fences around a particular landmark. 

You can then generate a detailed report that contains the overall details of every time your fleet vehicle enters or leaves the specified geo-fences.

This feature enhances operational efficiency, security & safety, as-well-as workforce optimization.

2. Time Sheet Report 

With this kind of report, you can verify employee time reporting swiftly as it shows the first time the ignition was turned on as-well-as the last time it was turned off. You also have access to time stamps at stopped locations. 

Samsara is the leader in Industrial IoT. Their portfolio of complete Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations.

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You can visit Samsara to find the perfect fleet solution to manage your fleet effectively.

3. Historical Report

Your preferred GPS tracking system must have a detailed history reporting feature. This feature allows you to view the total history of your vehicles.

You can easily track & analyze your vehicles’ information and status analysis up to 30 days in the past & undertake well-informed decisions.

It is advisable to keep a copy of these reports as they can always provide meaningful insights about your vehicle’s current health and its entire travel history in case any dispute arises.

4. Over-Speeding Report

The name of the report itself is self-explanatory. The over-speeding report records the exact date & time, the net over-speed of your vehicle, & the specific location of every incident. 

The over-speeding report feature ensures your driver’s safety and mitigates the danger and potential risks associated with accidents. 

This feature allows you to judge your driver’s driving patterns and their mood throughout the day.

5. Driving Reports 

It is not uncommon for drivers to drive the vehicles unsafely, often termed as aggressive driving. 

You obviously cannot travel with your driver at every place they visit, making it difficult for you to keep a check on their driving. 

However, with a GPS tracking system, you can generate a driving report that provides you with key insights about the mood and attitude of the driver towards your vehicle. 

Since aggressive driving is risky and unacceptable, you can enjoy the benefit of this report and get all details regarding the treatment of your vehicle over the past trips. 

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GPS tracking systems often notify at any sudden increases and decreases in the speed, thereby pointing out the violent driving attitude. 

6. GPS Vehicle Tracking Detailed Report

This report contains a lot of impactful information that you can make use of to monitor driver behavior. This report provides you with information such as – 

  1. Ignition on/off

  2. Travel start/stop

  3. Geofence entry/exit

  4. Antenna disconnections

  5. Mileage

  6. Elapsed time

You can view all sorts of activities and function toggling happening in your vehicle.

Choosing a telematics provider can often be a tedious task; however, you can read more telematics on Samsara.com and gain some meaningful insights from their platform.

7. Mileage reimbursement report 

If you are into reimbursing your employees or yourself for some miles driven in a personal vehicle, it becomes convenient to simplify the process using mileage reimbursement reports. 

The information is always accurate, and you save time by running the report to check the miles logged in a certain period.

8. Landmark Report 

If you use landmarks, the Landmark report shows when a driver arrived, when they left, and the time elapsed while they were at that place. 

Landmarks are used for important customers to corroborate that drivers spend sufficient time there, or for places that the drivers should avoid.

9. Moving Report 

The job of traversing the most efficient routes must be done to save fuel and optimizing labor time. 

The Moving report shows you everything that happens from vehicle start to stop on a particular route, including time idling. 

This report compares multiple routes and helps you select the most efficient route.

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10. Vehicle Status Report

The Vehicle Status report helps determine if your vehicle is in idle state, moving, or park. You can also record the time, date, location, and length of any idle, parked, or moving time. 

This report provides fleet managers with the ability to oversee their vehicle routes. 

11. State Miles Report 

If your fleet operates in multiple states, it can get complicated when it comes to taxes or DOT reporting. 

The State Miles report notifies you when a vehicle entered and exited a state and the total miles that are driven there.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Reports to Save Money 

When running a fleet business, you might consider expanding your fleet by purchasing more vehicles. 

Reviewing key reports can tell whether tightening the ship might resolve problems and assist you on the right path before you make a large purchase. 

Moreover, with features like reimbursement and mileage tracking, it becomes very economical for you to manage your entire fleet.

Final Words

There are a plethora of perks offered by analyzing GPS reports, and thus you need to be wary of the functionality of each report. 

Hence, the industries that own transportation services, employ fleets, car rentals, jobs with heavy-duty vehicles, courier delivery, car aggregators, and more must we wary of the benefits offered by each report.

If you are a fleet manager who is anxious about your fleet’s behavior, recruits, or simply intend to save money, then following all reports strictly and choosing a decent GPS tracking system provider is the way to go.