Explore the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Module 1

ITIL 4 Managing Professional
ITIL 4 Managing Professional

ITIL 4 is nothing but the latest version of ITIL itself. This version provides a digital operating model. It enables all the organizations to co-operate and co-create the effective values from all the IT supported products and services. It also promotes the better and greater alignments to the new ways of working, namely Agile, Lean, DevOps for co-creating the business values.

So if you are planning to focus on each individual value, then the topic will for sure increase the overall value. So the certification is definitely worth to add on practices. We can always say that the value of the service is determined always by the costumer and not the service provider. Let us come to this part and know more.

So are you an ITIL expert? Then you must know the next basic step. You should opt for the further level certificates and most probably ITIL4 MP Transition. Also keep this in mind, to not have less than 17 credit points. In case you have less than that, then you must start with ITIL Certification and then take up 4 modules of ITIL4 MP.


It is one of the first modules, designed for the candidates. It offers them an understanding of the way for incorporating the distinct value streams and activities to craft too. It also delivers and support the IT enabled products and services in an all exclusive way. You can also say, the module adds up areas, which include development, knowledge management, testing and most importantly employee and costumer feed back. Not only this but also, new technologies, new sourcing and different ways of handling works.

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Wider reflection of the course highlights, that the service management has well progressed on the path of 21st century. The course exhibits how, it needs an open outlook in today’s date, adding to the collective process of the work done.

No one can sit idle in any case. Even the digital professionals, the IT including the service people have to review. It helps to expand their skills and broaden the info too. W3ork efficiency and proficiency for driving excellence in work.

So if taken a quick glance, the first module focuses on individualization and team professionalism too, including service and cultural approach.

If you want to go for the relevant methods, the ITIL MP’s 4 is a referable choice. It also includes all the tools and all the practices which empowers a good conception and IT enabled all managed services. The course offers the very ideal knowledge of service production. It serves the quality and enhanced techniques too.


They are basically the individuals who are liable for the end to end products and also for service delivery, to support, to monitor, to cover the growth and for the distribution. The ones, who are expert in handling the basic functions of IT enabled projects and digital services. They are accountable for guaranteeing that their services provided are well supported and delivered too, as per the negotiated levels. Also, the ones who are liable for end-to-end delivery. The ITSM practitioners, who handle the function of IT and digital products and services too.

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They have a proper timing assigned for all the delegates. So the delegates are prepared accordingly. This is a part of the course that they have to take up the ITIL4 specialist module1 exam.

This exam is of 90 minutes. It consists of 40 multiple choice questions you have to secure a minimal score of 28 out of 40 marks in order to pass the test or the module 1.


There are many learning outcomes, where they teach you to comprehend on how to make or execute the plans. They provide strength to the value service system, a system to create, to deliver and support the services. You should also get to know the related practices bestow for the creation delivery. To support across the value systems and ITIL service value system too. It helps you to identify on how to craft, deliver and support the services.

If a candidate wants to get the certification, then he has to pass the module1 and the proceed to the next. Then further, the candidate can get the ITIL4 MP certification.