5 Best Ways to Search for Personal Information for Free


If there is a technology that has nearly overtaken the world, it’s the smartphone. The devices are so integrated into everyone’s life that it’s hard to imagine a day or even hours with it. 

And the simplest reason for it is the communicational features phones offer. It can connect with anyone around the globe at any desired time. The newer model also enables face to face chats with anyone. 

However, like every good technology, this tech also comes with risks. Cases where the scammers have used phone numbers and calling for suspicious activity. 

It would be great to have some ways to track back the personal information of your mysterious caller. It will help you establish their authenticity and avoid or report the fake callers. 

This article talks of the perfect ways to do this part. It shows reverse phone lookup in action along with the popular tools like CocoFinder that you can use for it. 

People Finder Websites – CocoFinder

The most precise way to find details of someone is through a reverse phone lookup website. The best of these websites is the CocoFinder reverse phone number lookup tool. It’s simple, sophisticated, easy to use, and has a great amount of data. 

CocoFinder collects and combines files from various sources to provide an expanded database. It sources its data from public records, government records, and multiple third-party sources. You can expect to learn more than just the name or address of the person you are searching for. 

The tool can present you with details of their social media accounts, emails, and even acquaintances. CocoFinder can even find alternative phone numbers of the person. And don’t worry, the data comes from legit sources. You won’t have to bother about legal issues with this tool. 

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Another good thing about this search tool is that it doesn’t need any experience, coding, or time-consuming practices. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes and just a few clicks. Simply open the site, fill in the phone number, and hit the search button. The app needs no registration or payment for searching the details. 

The tool also has options for a background search, white paper, and reverse address lookup. In short, the tool has everything you need to identify a caller and find every minor detail about them in simpler words. 

Search Engines

Search engines like Bing and Google are not new for anyone. They are the gateway of the large internet world that includes almost every type of data, including phone numbers. 

Every year thousands of people report scammer numbers and signup on a platform using their numbers. You can expect a really large database of numbers on these search engines. The search engine can also access some public records for searching phone number-related data.

And you don’t have to do anything tricky to access these records. You can search the phone number just like you search your usual keywords. Simply fill the number, hit search, and you will have results.

However, there is a small drawback here. The search engines are not developed specifically for phone number searches. They have limited data and can access only publicly available details.

Moreover, multiple people share access to the data file available on the internet. And it’s not uncommon for people to create fake records on the platform.

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Social Media Platform

The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have billions of users worldwide. There’s a decent chance that the person you are looking for has signed up on one of them. And luckily, most social media platforms nowadays need phone number verification.

They also acquire data like name, address, email, and sometimes location data of the users. So, you can consider searching someone’s details using social media platforms. 

The details aren’t always correct and sometimes not enough, but it’s a good start. If you can get a few more details of the person, you can use CocoFinder’s detail searching tools to find full data.

People Finder Applications

The web tools and searching aren’t the only options for searching people. There are dedicated applications on both Android and iOS stores that you can use.

You can search for them on your device and download them with ease. There are literally tons of these applications. They don’t need you to root the device or go through a tricky process. Most of them are also quite compact and don’t need much space.

However, like the search engine, these apps are limited in terms of database. Most of them only provide publicly available data. They don’t always have access to court records, criminal records, educational data, and employment records. 

And like the search engine, their data accuracy is questionable. You may not even find full details like precise people finder websites. There are also problems like ads that you need to consider. 

Public Records

Searching someone’s details using public records is the most difficult task. It needs you to both find and browse a lot of records. There will be hundreds of entries even after applying filters. You will be surprised by the amount of data you can attain this way. 

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You can get details about a person’s whereabouts, history, past records, sometimes even the address and alternative numbers. Some states even let you access criminal records to keep things simpler. 

However, it’s manual work and takes time. There is also a risk that you don’t find a lot of details this way. Frankly, consider this process as a last resort. Use it only when the other methods are not available, or you have enough detail to shortlist entries in the database.  

Final Words

Background checks and reverse phone number lookups can prevent a lot of trouble for you and your family. It can ensure you know every minor detail of the person contacting you, including how legit they are. 

So, the next time you have an unknown number, use one of the above methods. And it’s not just for unknown and safety purposes but also a great way to connect with friends from the past. 

Just add the details you know, and you get their current details, including address and the ways to connect with them.