Top Branded Slot Games to Play 

Branded Slot Games
Branded Slot Games

Branded slots are becoming increasingly common in the slot world. However, some players question whether over 800 slots, scratch games and live casino games have any benefits to give. 

What are branded slots? 

Branded slots are essentially slot games which use the theme of a popular brand. These slots will incorporate the brand into their theme somehow, for example if it is a brand then the slot will feature their music, a film would feature let the slot use clips in the gameplay. Branded slots are incredibly popular with players because they are instantly recognisable, they help players pick a game because they are already familiar with the brand. Some argue that branded slots are detrimental to the gaming industry as they do not encourage as much innovation in terms of the slot, however few could argue against their popularity with players. Branded slots come from all sorts of sources, television shows, movies and even bands are often used as the basis for these slots. 


Branded slots are very different from regular slots, players will instantly recognise the settings and characters that they use. This has certain advantages for players as a result. The following are the best advantages that come with using a branded slot. 

  •       Familiarity – One of the biggest advantages that comes with branded slots is the familiarity that players have with the properties. Although not every player will be a fan, there are enough that will be a fan to enjoy them. They will recognize the characters used and as a result, will want to play the game. For providers, this means that players will be much more likely to drop some cash on the slot.
  •       Bonuses – Branded slot games are known for the amazing bonuses that come with them. Often, the bonuses will have something to do with the property themselves! Branded slot games will use classic bonuses such as free spins and multipliers but will often put a fun twist on them, incorporating some aspect of the property into the bonus, to make it more relevant.
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Best Branded slots 

With so many different branded slots to choose from, players can sometimes get overwhelmed. The following are some of the best branded slots that you should keep an eye out for.

  1. Street Fighter 2 – This slot was developed by NetEnt and was highly anticipated by players before its release. It is the perfect blend of classic arcade game and modern slot, mainly thanks to the tremendous graphics that the slot uses. The game also features cluster pays, which can help players get bigger wins.
  2. Hell’s Kitchen – Based on the infamous television show, this slot was also developed by NetEnt. The game places players right into the middle of things, with a fiery theme and lots of bonuses for the player to trigger. 

Final Thoughts 

Branded slots are essentially games that are based on a pre existing property. This serves to make them more recognisable and enjoyable for players. They can be based on anything from TV shows to popular arcade games.