Tips and Trick to Make Your Work With Mac Faster


Computers do not become slow for no reason. That can result due to old hardware, poor maintenance, etc. Even your stylish Macbook is not resistant to everything, and the same fate awaits for it.

Fortunately, there are ways that can help you enjoy your computer longer. They may help you speed up your computer performance, but that is certainly not the only thing you can do to speed up your work with computers.

The Macbook is designed to be as comfortable as possible for a variety of tasks, from daily to serious work. Keep reading further to find out about all these tricks and tips that can make your system smoother and enjoyable to work with.

Take care of Safari browser

If you are running on the edge of your Macbook RAMs limit, there is a chance you will face problems with your web browser any time soon. In any case, if you see the caption on the screen while using the Safari browser saying: webpage using significant energy, two reasons may cause it.

Either you have too many tabs open in your browser or running some resources intensive webpages. To solve this problem, you have a couple of options left, unless you want to spend some money on buying extra RAMs.

First, you can try to clear Safari’s cache. To do this, from the menu bar, select the Preferences option. Here you should see a tab named Advanced. Click on it and mark the option Show Develop menu in the menu bar. Now you should be able to reach it from the menu bar. Go there and choose the Empty Caches option. All the cache should be deleted after you restart your browser.

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Another high memory demanding thing in your browser are extensions. Hence, it is a good idea to disable them too. So, while you are in the previous-mentioned Preferences window, go to the Extensions tab. Here you will see a list of extensions active in your browser. Deselect all those you do not use and restart the Safari browser to take effect.

Do backups regularly 

You can never know when your computer may run into problems. And if that happens, outcomes can be either easy to resolve or end in losing data.

To avoid that from happening, probably the best option is to perform backups of your Macbook regularly. This way, you will always be assured that all the necessary information is safe and can be quickly restored.

Also, for the best protection of your backup files, you should always save an extra copy to a removable hard drive or even better to cloud storage to be able to reach it from wherever you are.

However, if critical data has not been backed up and you have lost it, there is still a chance to recover it. You can try to use one of the data restore tools available on the internet to get your vital files back. But be aware that you may not be able to restore all files.

Make use of keyboard shortcuts

You can increase the speed of your work not only by improving the performance of your computer but also by trying to use it smarter. Macbooks have many tricks that can help you to do that. One of them is keyboard shortcuts.

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Using them, you will be able to open or perform other tasks just in a couple of clicks of your keyboard. To create one, select System Preferences from the menu. After that, go to the Keyboard and click Shortcuts. Here you will see the App shortcuts option. Press + icon and a new window should appear. Select the application you want to reach using a shortcut combination, or command to perform and select what keyboard shortcut you will be using for that purpose.

Finally, when you finish, click the Add button to create a shortcut. That should help you save a couple of seconds next time you will be doing some tasks.

Always perform updates

Updates should never be ignored. First, they are one of the things that can speed up your computer performance. In addition to that, you also get the latest security patches to make your system safe against threats.

So, whenever you see a pop-up notification telling about new updates, try not to ignore it. The purpose of updates is not only performance-related improvements and security fixes but also things such as new features. They are added to make usage of the system more intuitive and help you do tasks faster. Also, new updates allow your Macbook to be compatible with the latest peripheral equipment. 

But sometimes updates can bring a negative effect on the system too. So before installing the latest updates, always wait several days to make sure everything works correctly with them.

Rename multiple files at once

Another helpful feature macs have to offer is renaming groups of files instead of doing it one by one. That can be especially useful if you have a bunch of photos that you would like to date, add location name, or some other tag.

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To perform that, go to Finder and choose all the photos you want to rename. While holding the Shift key, mark all of them by going over with a mouse pointer. After that, click the right button on the mouse and find the Rename X items option. Choose it, write whatever you want your photos to be labeled, and save it.