5 Tried And Tested Methods Of Drowning Negative Reviews On Playstore


Getting positive reviews on your app in the Playstore is a great way to boost your rankings. Unfortunately, it’s not easy, and there are cases where brands lose customers when they choose to delete negative reviews.

If you’re looking for ways on how to improve positive reviews and drown out the negative ones, these tips will help you. Do it the right way, and you will soon see your app making it to the ‘popular apps’ list. After all, isn’t it every developer’s dream to get their app noticed?

1. Work On Your Value Proposition

When you’re onboarding users to your app, make your value proposition clear. 

What does your app do, and how does it help them? 

For example, Skype helps users make video calls, do phone conferences, and chat online. Make it clear in the content copy for your app descriptions and list its features to provide more clarity. 

2. Report The Trolls

You may face a situation where trolls are leaving negative reviews on purpose or simply pulling your leg. If that’s the case, you’re free to report such reviews. Google has a policy against this, and you don’t have to hold back. A specialist will take a few days to review your reported reviews and handle it. 

If it’s a single user who is creating multiple fake accounts and leaving bad reviews on your app, you can ask Google to investigate, and they will flag their IP.

3. Fix Bugs And Implement Feedback

If your bug is too glitchy or buggy, then it’s no surprise you’re getting negative reviews. Work on fixing them and improve the app. Take feedback from your users with a grain of salt and implement it. 

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When you make improvements, release the next version, and when users notice – they will give you better reviews eventually. App navigation is another area you should work on if you’re planning on attracting more positive reviews. Make it clean and simple. 

Optimize your app’s loading times as well and make sure the layouts are mobile responsive. The more user-friendly you make it, the more your users will love it. Your app should be compatible for use on different screen sizes as well.

4. Reward Your Users

If you’re struggling to get more positive reviews over the negative ones, a proven strategy is to reward users for giving good reviews. This could be something as simple as giving them Google currency points or coupons for discounts on your online store. 

Give additional rewards and encourage referrals. If their friends end up recommending your app to others, you’re going to get more positive reviews coming soon. If you’re releasing a huge app that’s in the beta stage, you could ask users to test it out for you and reward them for leaving genuine reviews. It works. 

5. Accept Bad Reviews

We know what you’re thinking – ‘But you just told us not to!’ 

But negative reviews are also important to you as a developer. Focus on getting positive reviews but don’t report the negative ones all the time. This will make your app look more authentic. If you’ve got only positive reviews on your app with no trace of negative feedback, it will show that you’re paying to get those positive responses.

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That’s no way of attracting more users, and they’re smarter than you think. 

Be genuine and open to constructive criticism and leave some of the negative reviews as they are on your app’s Playstore page. You can also leverage the power of social media to get positive reviews for your app. Refer your creation to your friends, family, and ask them to share. This will build a community around your app and help you get closer to your developer goals.

Also, be open to collaborating with other developers for future projects and release them on the Playstore too. That’s a fantastic way to get attention and waves of user reviews. 


Every developer was once a beginner, and we understand the challenges faced by being new to the Playstore scene. If you’re looking for help on getting positive reviews on your app, we can help you out. Simply navigate to this web-site and take a look at what we offer.