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Looking at an online casino site for longer than one minute will result in players coming across an Irish themed game, these slots are literally everywhere. There is a good reason for this, they are incredibly popular – play online slots now.

Irish theme 

Irish themed slots are not like any other slot theme, players often believe this theme can make them lucky. The instantly recognisable iconography that this theme uses has helped make it an instant fan favourite, with things such as four leaf clovers, rivers flowing with the colour green and pots of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow, all found in this slot theme. Perhaps the biggest reason why this theme is so popular is due to the amazing games that have used it. Many memorable titles have used this theme including the ever popular Rainbow Riches series of slot games. Many players often have difficulty deciding on the best Irish themed slot due to the sheer number of games there are to choose from. 


Playing Irish themed slots online is a practise that many players enjoy. There is just something about Irish themed slots that players love. However, Ireland is not the only country theme that players enjoy. The following are some of the other country themes that are a fan favourite amongst slot players. 

  1. France – One of the most popular countries for a slot theme basis is France, there is just something easily recognisable about the iconography associated with the country. Home to the city of love, Paris, France has often been the basis for a slot theme thanks to its beautiful locations and wild stereotypes.
  2. USA – America is one of the most satarised countries on the planet, and for good reason, they seem to do everything in an over the top fashion. Home to the gambing capital of the world, Las Vegas, players will instantly recognise things used in USA based slots whether it be that amazing national landmarks, the recognisable festivals or colourful characters who have occupied their high office. America is a popular slot theme. 
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Examples of Irish slot theme 

As such a popular slot theme, there have been hundreds of games created which are based around Ireland. The following are some of the best examples of the Irish slot theme. 

  •       Rainbow Riches – It would be wrong to start with any other game. Rainbow Riches is perhaps the quintessential slot based on Irish luck. This game is pretty much the codifier for the theme, with every subsequent slot release being inspired by it in some way or another. Thanks to it’s memorable characters, fun graphics and easy to use gameplay, Rainbow Riches has managed to withstand the test of time and become one of the most successful slot series of games ever released. 

Final Thoughts 

The Irish slot theme is beloved by players, with its popularity lasting for generations. One of the main things that has contributed to its popularity has been the Rainbow Riches series of slot games, which pretty much set the bar when it came Irish themed slot games.