Are You Spending Too Much Time Online? You Might Be Addicted


The internet is almost always available to us, especially since we can have access to it with the use of smartphones. Although this is amazing in many regards, it can also be very problematic as well. This article will discuss the signs of internet addiction and what can be done to find relief from it.

What Is Internet Addiction?

The internet can have very powerful effects on the human mind, and although you’re not consuming a substance, it can be incredibly addicting, much like how people can become addicted to gambling.

In fact, online gaming and gambling can fall into the internet addiction category, and there are also other types as well. For example, someone might be addicted to pornography, looking up information, and even forming online relationships.

It is possible to spend so much time online that it starts to interfere with their lives, and other people might even start to grow concerned about their usage.

Like other addictions, people who struggle with excessive internet usage often find themselves becoming depressed or moody when being away from the internet, and this often gets in the way when they try to make an effort to reduce their time online. Withdrawal symptoms like these make it challenging to manage the addiction.

Overall, while the internet can be used as a way to escape from problems, addiction leads to physical and emotional problems and exacerbates the underlying issues. Therefore it’s crucial to address internet addiction head-on with the help of a professional.

Getting Help For Internet Addiction

Treating internet addiction typically requires the help of a counselor or therapist who can identify the feelings and emotions that cause people to spend so much time online. Usually, this is done with cognitive-behavioral therapy, and sessions can be done individually, with the family, or with groups of other people who have the same concerns as you, much like twelve-step programs for other addictions.

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Nowadays, the internet is basically required to function and be productive in society, so therapy will teach you how to manage your time online more effectively rather than promoting complete abstinence as a solution to internet addiction.

Because of this, online counseling and therapy services, like BetterHelp, should still be strongly considered because it’s a productive use of the internet, and for many people, it might be the most accessible way to start getting help.

Medication may also need to be prescribed from a doctor or psychiatrist if you have underlying mental health disorders like anxiety and depression that compel you to go online.

In addition to the coping strategies you will learn on your own, you will need to consciously manage the time you spend on the internet, and luckily, there are tools, such as timers, that can help you do this and stay accountable.


Internet addiction can be debilitating, and sometimes it can be difficult to realize that there is a problem – after all, the web has become an important part of our daily routines. Nonetheless, by recognizing the problem on your own or with the intervention of others, you can address the problem and find healthy and more productive ways to surf online.

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