Is there any scope of pursuing ACCA in distance?


So you have nearly completed an ACCA course or are thinking about the future before applying to an ACCA distance learning programme?

Well, no matter the mode of learning ACCA preparatory courses are always going to be one of the most recognised and prestigious programmes out there!

But you are here today to learn about the many possibilities that undergoing ACCA distance learning can offer you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Take up a job in the accountancy industry

The demand for finance and accountancy professionals is going to remain high no matter the situation of the world around.

This only emphasis is on the fact that obtaining an ACCA qualification will let you work in a career that is beyond just accounting services.

Your chosen profession can be in the insurance, sports, ID, business, retail or hospitality division.

Based on your experience you can either did start your career as an accountant, manager, auditor or director.

Be part of an accounting firm

Another smart option to leverage your accounting skills is to join a business form that provides the best solutions in the field of accountancy to its clients.

Sure, you’ll be able to play with your skills in a great variety of businesses such as mergers and acquisitions, management consulting and forensic accounting.

Continue with higher educational studies

ACCA distance courses will open doors for you when it comes to furthering your education or acquiring advanced specialisms.

You can choose to take up professional educational services such as master’s in business administration (MBA) or chartered financial analyst (CFA) course.

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This will help boost your academic career path by making you aware of key business practices there are welcomed by top employers.

Your background in ACCA will help you get to the real-time situations and practical experience that you will have to be part of as a graduate.

Adding a gold standard financial course to your ACCA foundation will let you step forward into larger business organisations that are designed for experienced and aspirational finance professionals, who are ready to take their career up a notch!

Switch your career to law

Learning ACCA in distance mode will give you enough time to prepare yourself for a career in law.

Especially with the expertise that you will gain from the law module integrated within the programme, progress in this direction will be as smooth as butter.

ACCA programme provided via distance learning will provide you with a solid grounding both in the business law and corporate ventures, a crossover that you may encounter at any stage of your career.

Start your own business

An ACCA distance qualification is the perfect choice for budding entrepreneurs to lay solid grounding for developing a start-up in the field of accountancy or finance.

Moreover, you may also choose to work as a freelance accountant or begin consulting for the company you’re currently engaged with.

Not to forget, the immense opportunities to work overseas as an independent financial advisor, for businesses of all sizes!

Apply to a course today and on completion, take your time to choose a professional journey that feels right.